Mickey christmas party


we are going in November… mickeys Christmas is starting we have been to the halloween one is the Christmas as good. …


I have never been to the Halloween party but we loved the Christmas party


The Christmas Party is great, I have been to it 4 times. There is nothing better than better than being on Main Street USA when it’s snowing. I also love the parage and seeing Santa’s float.


We’ve been to the MVMCP twice and went to the to the halloween party last year. Though MNSSHP was really cute and fun, we like the Christmas party much more. More festive and love the music. Like DonnyD said, it’s fun seeing Santa at the end. :santa:


The parade at the Christmas Party is great and the special fireworks are awesome.


We can’t wait to go to MVMCP some day!! We usually visit in October and love MNSSHP, but one year, we will skip and and go in Nov/Dec instead. I’m having a hard time giving up going in October because of the F&W festival, the halloween party, and we love going to Halloween Horror Night over at Universal. But I hear so many great things about the holiday season in Disney…and I’m almost sold!


We are thinking of going back this year. We have not been there for the Christmas Party in few years. To fit in our schedule, we can only go on December 19th. I noticed on the Disney website it says no advance purchase for this date. So you have to buy the tickets that day? Anyone know why they are doing this? We will be driving over from Sarasota and I am worried they will be sold out by the time we get there


We love MVMCP. It really gets you in the holiday spirit. We like MNSSHP, but would rather do the Christmas Party.