Mickey Face is on Mickey's Fun Wheel


Although it is not complete yet, the Mickey Mouse head is on the new front face of “Mickey’s Fun Wheel”, its just white right now, but it will be coming to a finish here soon!


Woot! Their finally starting. Now I have to go plan a trip… I wanted to wait until all the construction was done before we go back…


Here is the artist drawing


I can’t wait to go back!! :slight_smile:


Cool!I can’t wait to see everything finished!


The color scheme is different then what was originally done in this drawing, but overall, thats what it is going to look like!


Well dont get too ahead of yourself, an area of Paradise Pier is just getting finished, they still have all of the rest of Paradise Pier and the rest of the entire park to finish, if you want to go when its all done then you might want to plan a trip around 2012-2013, just so you know! :smile:


Wow that looks so great!


ROFL we wouldn’t go back until then anyway. WDW is for us :). Disney will always be updating though so you really can’t plan going without anything going on you know?


Still looks cheap… but at least they’re attempting to Disney-fy it.


Ha! I gotta say, I love it.


I just saw it in person on wednesday when I went down to the studios, I stopped at the parks before I left, I will have to say that it is looking mighty nice!!


Haha, Im the same way, DLR is for me, not so much WDW. So I know what you mean.