Mickey 'fit flops'


Does anyone know which web site I could check to purchase the Mickey Mouse ‘fit flops’? The most comfortable walking shoe ever! I had seen them at the Poly and at downtown disney stores but did not buy on my last trip.
I’m hoping to purchase before out next fall trip down there and have them all broken in before then.
Thanks for any input.


Try this…

Walt Disney World merchandise mail order
Telephone: 407-363-6200
Fax: 407-352-6369
Email: wdw.mail.order@disneyworld.com


I bought mine at Trend D last Mother’s Day . . . best shoe every, comfortable and I just LOVE MICKEY! :happy:


what do they look like is there a site i can go on to look?


Yes, I’m curious myself. Anyone have a picture. Can they only be bought at Disney?


FITFLOP - The Official Site

I’m curious to try some on. I had never heard of them before.


i haven’t either i cant find any information on their site about price.


Go to “Where to Buy” at the top of their page and click on a merchant. Prices are there.


wow not bad i expected them to cost alot more.


They carry them at Dick’s Sporting Goods, I believe they were $49.00. I tried them on, but they were not comfy to me. I wanted to like them.