Mickey head burgers?


OK, I know Disney came out with a whole line of frozen & fresh grocery products packaged in Disney happiness but has anyone ever seen these??

I haven’t seen ANY of the Disney grocery products in either grocery store I shop in so I doubt i’ll see these Mickey head burgers anytime soon, such ashame. :tongue:


We’ve had a box of Mickey head burgers in the freezer all summer. Nate didn’t really like them so we grill one up every couple of weeks and throw it across the fence to the neighbor dog. We had to slow down becuase the dog was going nuts expecting a burger each time we walked out the back door. Ok, it didn’t help we were grillign his hotdogs too.


Never seen them, we dont get things like that over here, best you can hope for are some Disney themed chicken nuggets or cookies lol, though I suppose with a decent mould we could make our own…hmmmmm lightbulb


:laugh: :laugh: WHAT??? :laugh:

-Did they taste bad or was Nate just not diggin’ the buger period?

Which grocery store did you find them at?


I’m pretty sure my DH bought them at our local store, not a national chain.

Nate wasn’t a meat eater until a few years ago and he’s still not really thrilled about it. He eats my ‘secret family recipe’ burgers and not many other burgers. I think it’s more that he’s just picky about it. They are like other frozen pre-pattied burgers, they’re thightly packed and have a different texture than homemade bugers.


They “look” cute, but it would depend on what they are made of, to determine if I would buy them.


We recentley saw these burgers in our local wal-mart, it was the first time I had ever seen them!


The title of this thread just doesn’t sound right. :laugh:


I just pulled our box out of the freezer–100% ground beef (85% 15% fat).


Thanks DT. I probably would not buy them.


me neither we usually buy 97/3 from wal-mart


I’ve seen them at Walmart, one of my co-workers tried them, and he said they were good.


I saw them a lot when I shopped a grocery store called Kroger. I am not sure if they are popular up north but we have Krogers all over the place down here. Kroger actually has Disney themed stuff as there “generic” brand. It’s strange but they have Disney everything…cheese, kool-aid mix, cereal, cookie dough, cinnamon buns, regular cookies…everything! I never bought the Mickey head burgers because I like to make my own burgers.


How cute! I might have to add them to my shopping list for our next Disney camping adventure :slight_smile:


I have not bought them,but thay are sold here at our local Jewel food stores. Jewel is owned by Albertsons. I think Albertsons is more national than Jewel!


I have never seen the burgers but have seen alot of the other Disney foods, including fresh fruits & veggies. Wal-mart and Kroger both carry them here.


This explains why I’ve never seen them :laugh: We don’t have a Wal-Mart with a grocery store, no Kroger, never heard of Jewel, haven’t seen an Albertson’s since we left FLorida, etc…

hehe, oh well, thought they would make a cute “We’re going to Disney tomorrow” surprise come November. I bet I can make my own in that Mickey head shape with the less fat ground beef that I buy.


Supertarget has disney groceries as well. but the burgers…ick!


The items at Kroger, are under the Disney Magic Selection name. There are hundreds of items to choose from. I would not call them Generic, they are specific to Kroger, but they are not the Kroger Value items. We have been pleased with the things we have tried.


I purchase ours at Walmart, DD seems to enjoy them. I have yet to tryone!