Mickey, How do I


make the “quick reply” option STAY. On DC it was always there, on this site I have to click the word “quick” and wait for it…which sort of doesn’t make it all that quick :tongue:

Also, I miss the “who has been online today” feature on the forum page. Can we have it back? It’s making it hard to stalk my people… (kidding about the stalking!)
:blush: :blush:


Oh Oh Oh

I have the quick reply on here on this side of the state! I’m using it right now!


I need to know how to do the countdown. I have tried and can’t get it to work right. Please, can you help


I still have to push the “quick” button, and it used to be that the place to post a quick reply just showed up. It’s really harshing my mellow. :sad:

Joy - Nice to see you! Your countdown isn’t pasted right. Re-paste it, and change your dates, and you’ll be golden.


Yea, that’s just what you need…a way to make posts QUICKER!!! :laugh:


I still have the “Quick Reply” Box…Erin did you pay your dues???


I have redone it several times and it still doesn’t show up…talk about harshing your mellow…lol


Not quicker…that’s how she posts those famous double and even triple exact same posts!!


Yes! It’s all thanks to “Quick Reply” - My DC life surrounds it. I type so fast that I even type out the smilies instead of ‘going advanced’ :laugh:

So, tease if ya want, but me likey to post alot.

Joy - alot of people are having trouble with their countdowns. Chances are yours is just fine, but won’t show up until this site is tweaked a little. You’re cool. I promise.


I was just reading and saw where they were having probs. I am still kind of new to this site, just trying to figure things out.



You’re doing great. No problem. :c)

This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between posts. Please try again in 38 seconds.

This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between posts. Please try again in 19 seconds.


I want… :laugh:


So I see :wink:


What was the question? Oh say can you see? :laugh:


What? By the dawn’s early light??


My quick reply stays at the very bottom the thread…:huh:


Mine did this time, because I’ve already pushed the ‘quick’ button, but it doesn’t in other threads. It sucks.


Erin, sorry, I just saw this. It has now been changed. When we moved over, it didn’t set that option, it was just blank, so I think for some it was working fine and others it was not. Let me know if you have any more problems.

Oh, and I changed the wait between posts to 30 seconds.


YEA! Thanks, Mickey.


Only 30 secs? That’s the best news I’ve heard all day…