Mickey Moms Club Illuminations Party


Since a lot of you are members of the Mickey Moms Club:

[B]AUGUST 22, 2010 8:00 PM[/B]

Mickey Moms Club members and their friends are invited to a party and viewing of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, the fireworks and laser water show at Epcot™.

There you can meet each other, enjoy refreshments and have a special spot to see the breathtaking, brilliant bursts of fire, laserlight effects, dramatic fountain barges, a stirring musical score and the world’s first spherical video display system—the 350,0000-pound Earth Globe performed at Disney’s Epcot™ theme park.

Mickey Moms Club members or their friends can bring themselves along with 5 additional guests. [B]Space is limited and you must RSVP by August 16, 2010.[/B]

I’m going the weekend of the 13th, but thought some of you might enjoy this.



Man… all the fun stuff is before or after we go! Maybe next time!


Yikes! Just noticed you are 10 days out! Are you packed?
I am excited for you :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=zoey9797;1042783]Yikes! Just noticed you are 10 days out! Are you packed?
I am excited for you :)[/QUOTE]

We live in FL - It’s a weekend trip for us. I’m the throw what’s clean in a bag and go type! :blush: If I forget something, I’ll buy it there or improvise. We’ll probably spend most of our time at the resort pool chillin’! It’s the DDs back to school trip (they start Aug 17)

I’m excited for you, I kinda miss the planning and count downs (kinda :blush:) But then again my FL AP is what stopped me from moving back to NJ! :ph34r:

ENJOY your trip! Where are you staying?


I got this too; I always get the cool stuff when I’m not going.