Mickey Moms Club


I just received a box in the mail from Disney with items to host a party. Basically it’s invite all your friends and tell them how great Disney is and try to strum up business…:laugh::laugh:Works for me!..I love talking about Disney and helping my friends plan their vacations…So i’ve invited all my friends to come over Friday night, play some Disney Bingo, make a craft, watch the Disney planning DVD, and get my Disney fix until we see the world in 14 days:laugh: This should be fun:mickey::mickey:


OOOHH!!! how fun!!! I wish ohio were closer to Eastern PA:laugh::laugh:…I would come:laugh::laugh:!!!


I’m excited to hear how it turns out and to hear what was in the box! I tried to apply, but you have to live within the US, so no luck for this Mickey Mom.:crying:
Keep us posted on how it goes!


Can’t wait to hear all about it. Take pictures!!


That sounds like so much fun! Let us know how it goes!


I am curious, how do you become a Mickey’s Mom Club mom, I know it’s something thru the Mom’s Panel. I’ve always been curious and my sister is interested in it.


If you submit an application to become a “Mom” on the mom panel, you are automatically entered into the club. You get a welcome package that includes (on the year I received it) a lanyard, pins, stickers coupons, a welcome booklet, and a magnet for your car.


How fun! I got the email to apply to get the box, but I think the email said that the parties had to be completed in April. Whatever the deadline for the party was, it was just too much for me because spring is a very, very busy time for us, so I didn’t even apply. I hope your party is great–it sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!!


That sounds like fun. Take lots of pictures, I would love to see what’s included in the box.


Thanks for the info… did not know about this Mom Club thing…


You should make this party the start of your TR.


Thats awesome! Thank you. Is it just up on the Moms Panel page to apply?


No, you have to wait until they are taking applications for the Mom’s Panel. Currently it is once a year, I think in the Fall. The year I applied it was on the main page of Disney.com.


Thats a great idea…I’ve never done a TR, but I’m willing to try:happy:


Obviously you read all the fine print, because I didn’t know about that until after the box came yesterday…:ohmy: Thats why the party is in 2 days, with my boys in 3 different sports, school, work, and getting ready for our vacation we are never home…except for Friday night:laugh: Considering I just posted the invite on FB, i already have 3 people who are coming…should be fun. At least 2 have never been to WDW:huh: I’m going to have fun:mickey:


How did you become a member?


Congrats on receiving your kit, the party and up coming trip. I have been wanting to join, but I can’t ever seem to get any info.:crying:


Well, yes I knew that! haha. :laugh: But I mean when they’re accepting them is it just up on the front of the website?


Oh I mis-understood!:laugh:I can’t remember if it is on the front of their website, but I think last time someone posted here too.


:laugh: Sounds like you’ve got all under control, even if you did get a little surprise when the box arrived! :laugh: I don’t think I could handle all the springtime kids activities, work and PACKING all while planning a Disney party! You are superwoman!:happy: