Mickey mouse luggage strap


hey guys. do you know those mickey mouse luggage straps that are in WDW? are they still selling them down there? rob and i bought a couple during our first or second trip and use them for every trip that we have made since. unfortunately, when i returned home from vegas yesterday, one of my mickey mouse straps were gone. i just got off the phone with the world of disney store in NYC and they don’t have them. disneyshopping.com doesn’t have them either. is WDW still selling them? i hope so because i’m lost without the strap. rob and i are moving next month to vegas and those straps make life so much easier in locating our bags. please let me know if the straps are there. if so, i would greatly GREATLY appreciate it if someone were to pick me up a red strap. thank you guys so much for your time. you’re the best!!!


I bought them from disneyshopping.com when we bought our luggage- perhaps they are just out of stock? Did you check the outlet?


oh no. i didn’t think of checking the outlet. i’ll do that right now. thanks!


nope. no such luck with the straps at the outlet store. they have tags but no straps.


I just did a search on eBay and found quite a few, but I don’t know if they are what you are looking for. I searched for “Disney luggage strap”