Mickey Mouse Para para


Hi !

Does any one know what this is ?
I have seen alot of videos of mickey dancing under the name of para para !
But does anyone know anymore ?


I had to Google to find this…

Para Para (Japanese: パラパラ; also “Para-Para” or “ParaPara”) is a Japanese form of solo popular dance. Unlike most club dancing and rave dancing, there are specific, preset movements for each song, and everyone does the same moves at once, much like line dancing.

There was a huge boom in Japan in 1998â€"1999 when pop idol Takuya Kimura of SMAP performed it on television. It was such a great impact that even Mickey Mouse danced it in Tokyo Disneyland. Note that Mickey and friends once appeared in television dancing it with Takuya Kimura.

Still have NO idea what it is!!!


or spanish… for for…
whatever that may mean