Mickey Mouse snowman!


My Dad and I built this today! :happy:


I had to put my ears on too & take a picture with Mickey! :tongue:


OMGosh! How adorable!!!:wub: :laugh: You and the snowman are too cute!:snowman:


hahaha SO cute!!!


VERY CUTE!!! How do your dogs like all that snow?


HEY!!! We built one too!!! My beautiful wife built this Super Bowl Day for our beloved Indianapolis Colts!!! Unfortunately the Colts lost, but we still have Mickey!!! I will bet that none of you knew that Mickey is a Colts fan!! LOL:wink::wink::wink:


hehe, so cool!! Colts Mickey is awesome!

Thanks guys, and yes, my dogs are LOVIN’ this snow!! Well not Cody, he hates it, but Emma & Lincoln are havin’ a blast.


Love the Mickey snowmen!! We heard your area was getting quite a pounding of snow today…enjoy and stay warm!!


Too cute.
My DH got stuck at work so I got stuck shovelling today, and no snowmen for me.:laugh:


:laugh:, great job!


Who Dat !! did you say Mickey is a fan of?


Not only is that a cute Mickey snowman, but what a great memory you have. :wub:


The DW made this last night , it was COLD outside … That’s all I’m saying!!!


Every cute snowmen!


Love the snowmans everyone. Im about to go build one. I have to find my husbands fishing gear first


Your going to build a snowman with fishing gear??? Please take pictures :laugh::laugh::laugh:


I was thinking I might build one when the DH gets home, but since they are shutting down the roads he may be stuck another night and since it’s still snowing I might be out there again shoveling. And if tha’s the case, no playing for me.


sooo cute :slight_smile:


The snowmen are too cute! I give you credit, it was was way too cold for me to go outside today and deal with that snow.


My girls loved seeing y’all’s Mickey snowmen. So cute!