Mickey mouse


My daughter and mickey mouse at the garden grille.


“Mommmm, this guy is trying to get my food, I’m trying to be polite, but he’s a lot bigger than me” :laugh:

What a cute picture! :wub::wub:


How cute! I love pictures like this!!!


She is 16 months old and was never afraid of the characters. The first time she seen the real mickey she just stared and had a look on her face like wow. She had a great time like the rest of us.


How was the food by the way?


We had very good meals at G.Grille, BOG, Liberty Tree, Ohana, and 1900 PF. Those were our dinners and really can’t complain about the food or service. GG has talapia which nobody like but that’s about it. We used counter service for lunch like Cosmic Rays and Pecos and the fish and chips in UK. No problems.


She is adorable!