Mickey Post-it holder!


Hi everyone,
I did this before my vacation but I didn’t have time to put it on here.
I found this post-it holder while school shopping for DD…

Pretty neat because you can flip the design if you want and have a totally different color.

Well, me…I am always thinking Mickey. So, I wonder if I could put my own design on here. Turns out that the top pops off and this is what it looks like now…I just used some mickey paper I had from an art project long ago. Looks great on my desk!


Oh!!! well done you- I love it! (Wish we had the neat post it holder- will make mental note for next year’s Wal mart trip) love love love your design!


It is from Wal-mart actually…! It was a mere $7.95. Had I actually bought it at Disney it probably would have been $29.95… LOL!


:happy:See I am a Wal mart girl, I know my stock! Actually, truth is, I stock up on post its at Wal mart when I am in the US as you have ones that we have never seen before-and Wal mart carry a great range.


So cute! :happy:


I love it! Looks like it is time to head to Walmart!