Mickey - Post Quick Reply was there


and now it’s gone, again. Is there something I am doing wrong?

In order to post, I’m having to click “post reply” or the “quick” button. Which, with dialup, makes the whole page reload.

I’m also getting a “done, but with errors on page” on the bottom of my page…

but that could be me? Not sure.


Hmm, the setting is correct, and it is working for me. Anyone else having a problem?


I sometimes get the “done, but with errors on page” too. Also, sometimes it won’t let me Manage Attachments, so I have to post the reply, then go back and edit it to put the pictures in. Could this be because of Pop Up Blocker?


Im having manage attachments issues as well- its only posting links


If you are having a problem, can you post the browser you are using while having the problem?


I’ve been able to use quick reply (the box at the bottom of each thread) since the DC changed to MouseBuzz.


Me too, no problems!


It’s not there for me. I have to hit the “quick” button for it to appear.

I could deal with that it if it wasn’t combined with the “done, but with errors on page” message, which stalls the whole thing…


Maybe it will be better as time goes on. Thanks for changing the setting Mickey. I’m sure I’ll work it out. ;c)


I am using quick reply too-no problems