Mickey Sheet set at Target - grrrrr


I bought these sheets and Target.

Target : Vintage Mickey Twin Sheet Set

They are cute, but don’t ya just hate it when sheet shrink?:pirate: They are jersey which makes it so they have some stretch, but now I really have to stretch. To make matters worse my ds6 now has a loft bed. I have to climb up on the loft (and risk collapse :laugh: ) or use a ladder and tug and pull. I just broke a sweat changing sheets! Good Grief.

OK, rant over. They really are cute sheets.


Those are really cute sheets! I would love to have them for my DS bed but after hearing they shrink there’s no way I’m getting them and climbing up to the top bunk to put on a too little sheet.


They are SO cute!! Worth the hassle, hehe!


Holly has the comforter!


DT, just get a size bigger and wash/dry them in hot! :laugh:

Seriously, though, I hate having to fight my bed to get sheets on. I just bought a new mattress/boxsping set that’s like a mountain and I’m not looking forward to getting sheets on that baby!


Cute sheets… too bad they shrink. Don’t you just hate when the corner pops off when you just get all comfy in bed.


The sheets are REALLY cute! May just have to get Nathaniel a pair for the winter.


Those sheets are soooooo cute!

I hate it when they shrink. :pinch: I’m really uncoordinated at making beds as it is…I don’t need the sheets popping off while I try to do it! LOL


My mattress is huge too and can I just tell you that every week when I change my sheets it is like having a wrestling match? Ugh…I so wish I could just hire housekeeping to change my sheets every day and turn my bed down at night!

But at least I don’t have to climb up to a loft! That set is adorable though…well worth it right??


Please don’t shop @ Target. They are very anti-veteran!! 2 years ago they had the VFW escorted off of their grounds by the police.

Remember Walt & Roy were vets!


Ooh, those are adorable. I wish DD was in a twin bed-she’s still in a toddler bed (and could probably stay in one until she’s 10, she is just tiny).

Maybe try those sheet corner clips they sell. It clips to both ends of the corners under the mattress to prevent them from popping up. They can’t be anymore than 2-3 bucks.


I will have to try some of those. With this new King mattress we have, I literally can’t make the bed myself. :blush: I end up crawling all over it and wrestling with it, and it’s not pretty. LOL DH always has to help me.


That’s an Urban Legend:
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Target Practice

Target : Veterans


These sheets are so so so cute! Ok, so I am not quite domestic, are they jersey knitt, like t-shirt material?? I just might have to buy them!


yes, they are very soft.

Thanks everyone for feeling my pain. :laugh:


I saw those sheets at our Target! So cute! Sorry they shrank. :frowning:


Hey, just never change the sheets! LOL


Ah yes, the solution was so obvious. How did I miss that?? :laugh: