Mickey straws?


Remember the straws in the shape of the Mickey head? The last time I went to Disney, I only saw the straws in a kid’s drink at Citrico’s. Does anyone if they are still sold anywhere and, if they are not sold, what other restaurants you can get these at? One of my two became mysteriously distored (I blame DH but he claims no knowledge).


They had these straws at the $10 and under store at DTD. I think they are the same ones you are talking about. They were bendy straws with mickey heads.


My DS hasn’t gotten a Mickey straw in a drink ever. We do buy lots of glow cubes and they last forever once we get home.


No. These are plastic bent in loops and the loops look like the Mickey head icon. Thank you anyway!


Oh… try getting them @ the resorts… we used to have them at the front desk at FW… I dont know about now…

I saw them @ Walmart the other day too for like $1


i saw them in the MK over LD. they were in the emporium.


I think I saw one in a drink at Narcoossee’s over Labor Day weekend…(I’m sure I saw one somewhere, and I think that was the place…)


Right on! Try the Hotel Food Court at any resort! They are usually kept at the register in a some kind of jar!


We have gotten the plastic looped Mickey shaped heads at the food court outside the game room in the Contemporary.


Yea I also got the straws in my food court at All Star Movies and Sports.


come to think of it - i saw them @ BCV also…


Thanks everyone!!! We go back November 30th so I will look for them at the Food Court!


I can only add to what most others have told you and that is to get them at the food courts. We brought a load of them when we stayed at POR last year, they were not expensive at all, only about 50cnts. We use them all the time back at home!


I checked tonight for you! $.49 per straw, four colors! Be sure to collect them all!! hehehehe


I can’t wait to go and buy them now!!! Thanks a gazillion!!!


we have tons of them. sometimes the cm gives them away. My DD has been given at least 3 of the 10 we have owned !


Absolutely, we bought up a bunch last time at POR! Here is a tip though-DO NOT put them in your dishwasher! Even if you have the ‘no heat dry’ cycle, the water washed mine so hot that they were completely melted as soon as I opened the washer, in addition to a few straw cups I bought at the kitchen store in DTD!


Cinderella’s castle gave them in DD’s and DS’s beverage last Sept.


We got them in teh drinks at Artists Point… does that help?


We are never given anything because we don’t have children =( Disney almost always looks for families with children