Mickey straws


Does anyone know if you can buy the Mickey head silly straws at Disney World? I have a friend that needs a few for a project but I’m not sure if you can buy them. Thanks!


I saw them at Cosmic Rays last week so I know you can get them there.


I know I have seen them recently…your best bets are the Emporium in the MK or Mouse Gear at EPCOT…I can’t remember if I saw them at DTD or not…but I’m pretty sure they are there somewhere. Ask in the first shop you go in…I’ve had them call the main “warehouse” to ask where to find an item…


Awesome! Thanks!


This is almost off topic.
I was just talking with some people about the Grateful Dead and to us, Mickey is percussionist Mickey Hart.
So you have to imagine what my reaction to a discussion about Mickey straws would have been. That is until my brain caught up with my eyes.


It’s been a few yrs, but I bought them at resort CS. WL to be specific. I purchased about a doz for Sunday school class.


I think we got one or two there a few years ago and I sure we got one at Port Orleans food court too.


I have never seen any. I guess it is back to Google I go.


Are you talking about the ones that are a “hidden Mickey” shape? If so, they have the straws that are the simple three circle straws at all of the restaurants. This was new to us this year. If I remember correctly, they are $0.59.


Mickey Straws, sounds like one of the gangster nicknames in Goodfellas.
You know, names like Nicky Eyes, Joey No Nose, and Jimmy Two Times (so named because he said everything twice like "I’m gonna go get the papers, get the papers).

Sorry kids, all I’ve got are jokes. I’m not sure the last time I saw one of these for sale. But I have seen them given to kids at some of the sit down restaurants.


You’re right, when our son was little he got one or two at a sit down restaurant. At One restaurant it was part of a s’more or fruit kabob.


I have several I collected from restaurants when I was kid. I don’t know if they still hand them out…


Those are the ones I’m speaking of and I do believe they were 59 cents.


Yes- they are at every fast food restaurant now- noticed it in June when we were there.


I did Google them. Don’t believe I have ever seen one before,but I bet I will see them everywhere now haha


I saw them but I think they are easy to miss. Most of the time I only saw them if someone asked for one. Look on the back counter where your drinks are being prepped and the food is being passed through.