Mickey T-Shirt


Just before we went to WDW this past August I went shopping for our trip and found the most adorable t-shirt for my daughter on a clearance rack. It’s pink with MICKEY spelled in glitter gold letters on the front and the back has a Mickey sketch with “Everyone loves the mouse” underneath. What I really loved :wub: about this shirt was a caption on the upper front right that reads as follows: “The best reason for Mickey’s popularity anyone can come up with is the fact that Mickey is so simple and uncomplicated, so easy to understand, that you can’t help liking him.”

I don’t think I could have said it better myself.:blush:



I love being able to get new DISNEY apparel before our vacation, since we are not going for a year, I have plenty of time to pick up some new stugg for MissSMIG… I need to get DH atleast 1 Mickey Shirt for this trip.

I am excited already and I have about a year to go.


I love finding a great bargain on anything WDW…I always get lucky with Tshirts at the disney store. I got a bunch for $4.99 right before my august trip.

I found a jack skelton tank in the villian store at mgm for $4.99 while there…same shirt was $14.99 two days later…someone messed up…lol