Mickey Talks and Interacts at Town Square!


I was going to post this when I learned of it on Saturday, but seeing as I love my job and wasn’t sure if I should just let it be a surprise, I restrained myself. But now that we had a successful test today, check it!

I’m sure we all saw the YouTube video of Mickey talking and interacting with guests, calling them by name, etc. Well, today, we tested it in Town Square Theatre…AND IT WAS SO INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL!!! Only goes to prove even more THAT THE CHARACTERS ARE REAL! :wink:

Here’s a link of the video from disney blog:
Mickey Tests Some Magic Words at Walt Disney World Disney Parks Blog



This is wonderful news.
Especially when it eventually leads to vocal interaction with Goofy and Donald while allowing Pluto to gain his “voice” as well.


I like this news… It’s great!!!


yay!! something so cool to see soon!! thanks!!


Keep in mind, they are merely testing at this point. It’ll be a while longer before it becomes a daily operational event.


They have until March 4, 2012… Then, I’ll be there asking questions!

Just kidding… how fun- might shorten the lines, though if it scares the little kids.


I’m of the general mindset of “It’ll happen when it happens” and content myself with knowing I will be in WDW several times a year, at least for Halloween/anniversary and Christmastime.
If it is to be seen, then I will see it in the future, because that is where we’ll be spending the rest of our lives:laugh:


me too… Guess we will be neighbors.


DH asked a good question - for those with young(er) kiddos - how will you explain that Mickey only talks in one spot at MK?


Let’s wait and see how portable the final version is before we bear that kind of disappointment.:crying:


SUPER cool!!!


Same way we explain at Castle Show where the characters talk and blink and everything else. They try to save their conversations for special events, filmings, etc. Hopefully within the next 10 years this question will be a thing of the past. :biggrin:


I cannot waite to show the grandchildren this next year.
Oh Boy Oh Gee:mickey:


I guess I’m not the norm again. I don’t like it. I get everyone’s excitement, but I like the nostalgic of keeping them full of animation and imagination. I feel if we do everything for the kids, their imagination will go by the way side, and it will be a thing of the past.


ok, that makes sense! I guess I didn’t even think about the castle shows! We told our kids they have to save their voices - talking too much would mean they may lose their voice and not be able to talk/sing for performances like the shows.



Oh, I love it. My daughters would love it. Hope it is more mainstreamed for next years visit.


OMG…I think I’d cry tears of JOY if Mickey actually spoke to anyone in my family. This will be soooo Cool. We’ll be at WDW 3-31/4-9 I REALLY hope it’s a go by then.


This would be AWESOME! Of course my kids probably wouldn’t talke but I sure would! I think I too would cry if Mickey said my name.


ooooooooooooo exciting!!!:happy: I would love him to chat to me (outside of my dreams that is!!!) lol :laugh: