Mickey Talks Now


…and I find it absolutely incredible!

Check it out: Mickey Mouse: ‘Testing … One, Two, Three … Testing.’ Disney Parks Blog

WOW, right?


WOW!!! Can’t believe it! How??


That is absolutely amazing and I know many kids that would get a kick out of it, but when I think of myself as a child that would have scared the heck out of me. I was one of those kids that liked to keep a safe distance from the characters and was really shy.


Oh, that is SO COOL!!! :happy:


I like it- that’s exactly the voice I would want to here from MM. However, I thought the point of the characters being silent was so they could communicate by gesture to all the different nationalities?


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool! Can’t wait to talk to Mickey someday soon!


Thats incredible! What an experience for Mickey to be able to communitcate back to the kids! Our kids always wondered why Mickey could speak on TV but not in the parks. This is quite a step, I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!


this is so awesome!!! will this make it’s way to wdw soon? i would love my kids to be able to talk with mickey


sweet I like this


I love it!! That is so cool!

I also loved the mom of the little boy covering in mouth and giggling. So sweet!


We had to know that this was going to happen real soon with the technology they have now(Crush). I hope they go through with every character.


I thought of Crush too when I watched the video!


What attraction does Crush talk to you on?
I need to ride that soon so I can experience that…


[QUOTE=BigKidBen;1031666]What attraction does Crush talk to you on?
I need to ride that soon so I can experience that…[/QUOTE]

Turtle Talk w/ Crush - It is in California Adventure and Disneyland in the Hollywood Studios Backlot. Just go into the animators building and you will see it in there.


Actually, Turtle Talk is in Epcot at the Living Seas.:happy:


Another victory for the Imagineers …
That looks (& sounds) amazing and I can’t wait for our DD to experience seeing Mickey and interacting with him. No susprise here… Disney has done it again!!!


Talk about stepping the magic up! That’s great stuff.


i don’t know if i want to hear mickey yell at my kids when they run all crazy in his tent lol!!! nina is sitting on my lap making me watch it over and over. i hope it hits wdw soon!!!


THAt’S AWESOME!!! It would be Disney to discover that LOL!


Mr. Allwine will continue to live on with “Mickey” how cool is that!