Mickey Toon Town


I know this area is under reconstruction/demolition etc. Are any other areas around it affected? Tea Cups, Dumbo, etc? My kids are worried there will be NOTHING in that area. They are sorely upset that that area is going to be gone, even though there promises to be better things, etc.

Also, Mickey and Minnie’s houses are in the Rose Garden area correct?

My 5 yr old is the biggest of my Mickey lovers (her cake is my avatar) and is demanding a walk through Mickey’s house again. Lord help me if it’s not there for what ever reason in June. :blink:

Oh and is the train running like normal? The 7 yr old has to ride it about 4 times while we’re there. :laugh:


I am pretty sure that it is just Mickey’s Toon Town that will be closed (but I could be wrong)

the train should still be running, it might just keep on going through the MTT stop (again I could be wrong)

and Mickey’s Toon Town will be closing sometime in 2010, so it might be closed by June it might not.

Everything I saw could be wrong its just what I am under the impression of…

heres a link to other rehabs: Disney Rehabs

hope that helps…


Ok, it isn’t closed yet? I thought I read on another post it was already closed. Ahh oh well, I’m going to assume that if it isn’t now, that by June some things will be going on with it. As long as Mickey and Minnie’s houses are still around and we can ride the train, we’re good. Thanks!

PS: I keep checking AllEars too for refurbs/closures. :laugh:


Toontown is still very much open. I went to visit some of my friends who help the princesses today at ToonTown.

Refurbs are happening all over MK. Right now the biggest refurb is the moat at the Castle is completely drained and they’re continuing to remove the lights off of the castle. Yes, the crane is an eyesore.

There is talk that the barnstormer coaster itself will remain when ToonTown is taken away, but just themed into another coaster.

If I’m not mistaken the first thing that will close to start making way for the Fantasyland overhaul will be Ariel’s Grotto. So ToonTown will probably continue to run for quite a while as other things in Fantasyland start to close. When they’re ready to expand Fantasyland into ToonTown, then the closure will happen.

Finally, please keep in mind, when I stated Mickey and Minnie’s house will still exist and possibly be moved to the Rose Garden, it is still only a rumor. Anything can change and happen, so until 2013 gets here and the overhaul is complete, don’t assume anything and just be surprised as ever.


thanks for the deets. Rowdy! we are looking forward to playing around in Toon Town in a couple of weeks. my DD will be thrilled the Barnstormer is still up and running!