Mickey vs. Harry


Universal Studios premiers their new multi-million dollar themed land, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter on June 18th. Disney, surprisingly, doesn’t seem to have done a whole lot to counter the publicity and “buzz” regarding this new attraction. What are your thoughts on Harry versus Mickey?


Not a Harry Potter fan. I could not imagine leaving WDW while I’m there.


I will be making a trip to go see Harry’s new place, but I want to wait a little while - I’d like to avoid the fangirl mobs. :happy:


Mickey will always be #1 in my heart, but we are big HP fans too. The books more than the movies, but I am really looking forward to seeing Hogwarts and trying butterbeer. We will be going in the fall and splitting our visit between both places. I have never been to Universal, so looking forward to that.


It is interesting to note that WDW has extra hours at MK and DHS on the evening of June 18th. Maybe they figure people will check out Harry but then come back to WDW for the evening.


I view Universal and Disney as Coke vs Pepsi. You have your die hard favorite, but are willing to try a sip of the other every once in a while. So, I’m thinking Disney probably has the same attitude. Disney fans will have their sip of Harry, but will come straight back to their favorite.


At first we booked a trip to Orlando with the intention of staying at HRH to visit Universal and the new Harry Potter attraction. The first two days of our trip we would spend at Universal and the last five at WDW. I have since changed my mind and switched our first two days to POFQ saving 30% on the room, purchased the express pass for universal and 2 day park to park ticket. I thought that HRH was extremely expensive nor was I thrilled about having to purchase a “fast pass” for Universal when Disney gives theirs for free.

For me, Universal does not have the charm, magic nor accommodations that WDW does and the convenience that is offered in WDW far outweighed staying at a over priced hotel just because its close to Universal.


I love Disney. I Love Harry Potter. I’ll definatly be taking a day out of our WDW trip this year to check out HP World!


Not at all a Harry Potter fan and will not be going, But, Disney:wub::wub: has my heart, ALWAYS!!


The family and I enjoy the Harry Potter films…
But this fight wouldn’t last 2 rounds. Mickey’s got the experience and the ring savvy that Potter wouldn’t understand. Dumbledore can’t save Harry this time.
Let’s hope Potter won’t stand toe to toe and try to trade blows with Mickey. Ring the bell…
Throw in the towel. Adriiiiaaaaannne???:laugh:

We Love Mickey !!!


From what I’ve seen of the H.P. ride, it resembles the “Batman” ride at Six Flags. Come to think of it, Universal reminds of a big Six Flags!


Harry’s ok but not worth leaving Mickey behind to see


Will take 1 day out of our next trip to visit HP but have no expectations that it will compare to WDW. Still and always a Mickey fan.


Harry who??


We will be getting season passes to Universal. Mickey comes first but I love Harry!


My 8 year-old DD specifically asked if we could got to “Harry Potter” so we will but not this trip(it won’t be open) but the week after Christmas we will. Mickey is #1 but everyone likes the “new thing” to see.


Mickey always wins.


We love Universal too. We always add 2 days to the end or beginning of our WDW trips, and spend them at the on-site hotels in Universal. We can’t wait to see Harry’s world!! I’m a little miffed that it won’t be open for our trip next week. Universal said spring 2010, so we booked for mid May thinking it would definatly be open…but it’s not opening until June 18th - 2 day prior to summer’s official start…oh well - can’t wait for October!


we let our disney passes expire and got universal ones. i am sure we will be disney pass holders again though. i just REALLY love harry potter and DH was getting a little disney’d out i think (i know he sucks right?)


Don’t really see a problem with taking one of my 10 to go visit Harry!