Mickey "welcome" stones


Was at Disney three weeks and purchased at Epcot a Mickey “welcome” stone for the garden. Wished I had purchase another and wondered where I might check to get one more. They also had Mickey Icon walking stones that were really nice. Place of purchase was kiosk just this side of Canada pavilion not in one of there gift shops. This was part of the Garden show at Epcot at the time. Thanks for any input!


Did you try the Disney store online? Or there is a number somewhere that you can call, tell them what you bought and where- and they can send it to you…


I have tried Disney Store online with no luck. Seems I also remember a phone number listed somewhere that you could tell them what you wanted and they would look it up to see if available. If anyone has that number it would be appreciated.


I’m not sure to what you are referring. Can you post a pic?


Yes, a pic would be great.:smile:


You can contact Walt Disney World Merchandise Guest Services at 407-363-6200 and they will send someone into the parks to get ANY item you’d like. You will pay only for the item and the shipping costs.


You can call Walt Disney World Merchandise Guest Services at 407-363-6200. Describe the item and they will go into the parks, get it for you. You will pay only the cost of the item and the shipping.

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thanks for all input. I did call Disney Merchandise Guest Services and she knew exactly what I was talking about. They are all sold till next Spring. Thanks so much for that telepone number. I will keep it for future references.