MickeyMcFizzle's Wannabe Wedding Weekend Trip Report


Hey all,

This is my very first attempt at a trip report! Albeit, it’s only reporting on my wannabe wedding weekend, but it’s still fun to write about!

Here goes:

Me - (26, female, the anti-bride)
My fiancee (31, male, the super wedding planner )

As I have mentioned in other posts, my fiancee and I are getting married at WDW in May 2007. Originally the wedding was planned to be last weekend, September 23rd, but due to some crazy family stuff, the wedding was moved.

My BF and I were so bummed about our almost wedding weekend that we decided to go anyways, just for fun! And to meet with our wedding coordinator.

Day 1 coming up - prepare for shock and awe!


You just CAN’T leave us hanging like that!!! :huh: I can’t wait to hear MORE!!!


:mickey: I love to be shocked and awed! Can’t wait to read the rest!


Day 1 (Friday Sept 22):

BF and I decided to fly out of the Buffalo airport instead of Toronto (Buffalo is about 1.5 hours from Toronto) because of the price. It really is a ridiculous difference (About $250 US cheaper to fly Southwest out of Buffalo than to fly out of TO on Air Canada!)

Our flight was at 7:20 am, so we got up about 3 am and took our time getting there - my BF gets panicky if he’s worried about being late, so we always leave early to avoid this. We arrived at the airport SUPER early - about 5:30 am.

We park, and lucky for us the airport shuttle guy was right there. But for some reason, the shuttle driver was OBSESSED with our car. OBSESSED! (Our car is a Mini Cooper Sport, but a special edition with some cool “checkmate” decaling. It’s very original, and only 3 are on the road in Canada right now. We love it, and sometimes forget that other people have never seen a car exactly like ours).

Anyways, the guy would not drive us to the airport. He had to actually get out of his shuttle and come over to our car to get a closer look at everything, and this took him about 10 mins! And then he talked about it all the way over to the terminal. It was cute, but annoying at the same time because we are not morning people and I just wanted to sit down and nap until flight time :slight_smile:

Our flight was uneventful. I am a really bad flyer, so this is good news for me!

We arrived at MCO at 10 am to an absolutely GORGEOUS day. The magical express was easy breezy and we arrived at the Wilderness Lodge at about 11:30 am. This was my first time at the Lodge. My BF LOVED it, but I was kinda “meh” about it at the beginning. (I know, blasphemy to all you WL lovers out there!) But I’ll say, I did grow to aboslutely love it by the time I left.

Our room wasn’t ready, so we had a bite to eat at Roaring Forks (which I thought was seriously lacking in selection, and was one of the 2 things I didn’t like about the resort). Our appointment with our wedding coordinator was at 3pm, so we hopped on the boat to MK and then the monorail to the GF, where we were meeting her at Franck’s Bridal Salon (Located just outside of the wedding pavillion).

The meeting was great - we talked alot of details and then went for a site visit. Our ceremony is being held at Seabreeze Point on the Boardwalk (the little white pavillion on the lake), and our reception is at the Boardwalk hotel.

Let me just say - it was beautiful. I have seen it before, but we got to see it with a wedding in action at Seabreeze Point, and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. I cannot wait for our special day in our special place :slight_smile:

After our site visit we finished up with our wedding coordiantor and went over to the Beach Club to take soem video and pictures for our friends and family (This is where we are staying in May for the wedding. Some guests are also staying at the Coronado Springs and the AS Music - we got to choose 3 to get our group rates on). I can’t wait to stay at the BC! It’s so cool!

We headed back to the Lodge and our room was ready. This is where the shock part comes in…


Day 1 continued…

Upon getting into our room, and after gushing about how gorgeous it was (really, unbelieveable!) we encountered something a little yucky.

To my dismay, the soap in the shower was opened and had a hair on it. And the shampoo was also open.

Ok, no problem. A bit yucky, but I can handle it. We call housekeeping, and they are going to send someone up to clean the bathroom. Great!

My BF and I had been up since 3 am, so we decided we were going to take a short nap and then go for a swim and have dinner at Whispering Canyon.

Ah, those beds look comfy! Let’s pull those blankets back and get right in!

To my complete shock, I pulled the blankets back to find a GIGANTIC stain on the sheets! It was clearly something very specific, if you get my drift. Also, there was mascara all over the pillows!!! I almost threw up - it stank, and was the grossest looking thing I’d ever seen!

Ok, now let me just say - I am a complete and total clean freak, as is my BF. But I remained calm and we went downstairs to talk to a CM. I am usually not good at keeping my cool in situations like this, but I was determined to not lose it. I let BF do all the talking… but in my head, I was thinking “I DID NOT pay this much for a deluxe hotel for this!”. And I was also mad because our room wasn’t ready until almost 5:30 pm because “it was still being cleaned”.

Awe is coming up…


Okay, truly shocking (and truly disgusting).

Waiting to be awed! :happy:


Ew - how absolutely gross.:blow: :blow: :blow: Instead of cleaning that room and having you wait they should have let you move!:mad:


Day 1 Cont’d…

Now, this is where the Disney Magic comes in. At this point, I was really upset. Mostly because I was tired and cranky and super upset about our room situation.

After explaining our situation to the CM, he got really pale and quiet and told us that this does not happen at Disney. he did not know how this had happened, and could we take him upstairs to see the room.

After he had a look at the bed, he looked really upset. He apologized profusely and asked us to give him 5 minutes to get us sorted out.

When he came back, he had a new room for us.

After we checked in to the new room and had our nap, we received a phoen call from front desk. We had a package. Could they bring it up to us?

It turned out to be a beautiful gift basket with a personal note from the guest services manager apologizing for our situation. In addition, we were offered a $50 room credit, a free dinner at Whispering Canyon, and Park hopper tickets for Saturday.

Well, after this, I was completely awed at how amazingly Disney handled this situation, how wonderful they were about trying to make us feel comfortable again, and how gracious that CM was :slight_smile: I was a happy camper again.

The rest of day 1 was uneventful. We had a swim (the pool at the Wilderness Lodge was my only other disappointment about this hotel, since it was small and kinda boring), had dinner at the Whispering Canyon, and went to bed looking forward to doing all of our favourite rides the next day! (The original plan was to go to Typhoon Lagoon, but this was so much better!)

Day 2 coming up soon!


I’m so glad they took my advice and gave you a new room.:laugh:


Gross!!! But it sounds like Disney made up for it nicely.


[QUOTE=MickeyMcFizzle]Day 1 (Friday Sept 22):

(Our car is a Mini Cooper Sport, but a special edition with some cool “checkmate” decaling. It’s very original, and only 3 are on the road in Canada right now. ).


Oh yeah - we’ve got one of those…JUST KIDDING!:laugh:

Wow - how gross about the room! I’ve never heard of anything like that happening at Disney - but how terrific about the Disney magic kicking in! Can’t wait to read more.


And that would be some of the reason that we also were given 18 free passes- coffee spilled on the bed and just set over!

Keep going- i thought you were going to say that you eloped…


Disney Magic REALLY is something SPECIAL. I can’t believe that you had to wait until 5:30pm for your room and the sheets weren’t even changed! And hair on the opened soap in the shower? I AM GAGGING RIGHT NOW!!! :blow: I would have went downstairs to the manager, GAGGING. :laugh:

I am SO GLAD they made it up to you. Seems a MouseKeeper got REALLY lazy that day…:nonono2:


and to think that its not head hair that is washed with a bar of soap…EWWWWWWWW:nonono2:


Now that is some awesome customer service. Sorry you had that situation to deal with however…how gross.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I am glad too. It sounds like Disney needs you there :laugh:


Actually, I think it looks like a mousekeeper got busy that day…


Forgive me for being a critic, but this was NOT Disney magic. This was Disney doing a rotten job at what they should be doing well, and what they did for you was the LEAST they should have done. Frankly, I think you should have had your room free in addition to the other stuff.

On a similar note, my mother once turned down her hotel sheets (non-Disney hotel) to find the words “Milo was here” written on the sheets in permenant marker. Her weekend stay was free.

Anyway, I will give an hurray that things were resolved to your liking.

I bet a housekeeper lost their job that day. :frown:


This is exactly what my BF and I were thinking!


I bet you are right - I feel bad thinking about that :frown: