MickeyMotto's Dining Review


To keep things organized, I’ve decide to post this in the restaurant forum in the event you would like to only read the summary of our dining adventure instead of the full trip report on our most recent trip.

:mickey: Some extra tidbits of information concerning the Dining Plan and “is it worth it or not”, kinda info.

:mickey: Restaurant Cost Summary

:mickey: Top places to dine (IMHO):blush: :happy:

If you would like detailed reviews of the following, please see full Trip Report with Photos.


First, let me remind everyone that this comparison is based on the opinions of the MM gang.
Party of 5.:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: and our most recent trip.

Our top awards for the favorite snack items go to…

Snack Awards

  1. Dole Whip from Captain Cooks & also served at Aloha Isle
  2. Chocolate Chip Shake from Dino Bites in Animal Kingdom
  3. School Bread from Kringla Bakeri in Norway/Epcot W.S.


Counter Service Awards

  1. Wolfgang Puck’s Express- DTD Westside :wub: (no contest)
  2. Tangerine Cafe - Morocco W.S. Epcot (new favorite)
  3. Captain Cooks - Polynesian (best overall resort CS)


OOhhhh… nice to see some reviews of places we have not tried… thanks!


Table Service Awards

  1. Le Cellier
  2. Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe
  3. Kona Cafe


Looking forward to your reviews. I agree with you. It will be easier to read outside the report without comments. Sometimes the restaurant reviews get lost in the reports. Thanks for taking the time to seperate them.


Dining Plan Costs

***Based on a party of 5 for 10 days

The plan itself cost us $38.99 per day/per person for 10 days
Total cost of our group plan was $1949.50 for the 10 days.

The following is a list of our charges for the entire trip had we NOT been on the Disney Dining Plan (includes tax and gratuities):

Our total Snack charges = $133.18

Our total Counter Service charges = $541.63

Our total Table Service charges = $2118.08

Grand Total of charges = $2792.89

This was a savings on the dining plan for us of a total = $843.39:biggrin:


Plan Comparisons
Now I was thinking about the tax and gratuities being set as a standard 18%.
That portion for this trip would have cost us $381.25 had it not been included as the new plan is now designed.

That minus the appetizer which was about an average of $8 pp/per night would be approximately $400 total this trip.

Therefore making our savings as follows:

Add tax, gratuity and appetizer total = $781.25
Deduct from our savings on original plan = $843.39

Total Savings on New Plan would be = $62.14

Ahemmmm…any comments!!!:ohmy:


nope :huh:


Well, I figure its about a wash for the new dining plan. It might save a few bucks, but I still have to do math while I’m there!!!

Although, I might have saved a few bucks on the gratuities at the Yachtsman this trip.:laugh:

(See Dopey, I can do my math, I just don’t want to!):tongue: :laugh:


If anyone wants, I can list the exact cost of each dinner we went to this trip to give you an idea of cost. This could be more helpful to those NOT on any plan for budgeting purposes.

I just didn’t want to list TMI if no one really cared.


I agree the current plan is a big savings. I thing there will be alot more people who will not order the dessert (at least not for every meal) and maybe leave less than 18% tip.

We took the plan because it was so reasonable for us. If next years plan was in place, we probably would not have taken it, did a few TS meals, and CS the rest.

Essex v4 engine


I agree. I think we will base it on a trip by trip decision. Like whos going, for how long, etc.


Character Dining Award

  1. Crystal Palace :wub: (still our favorite)
  2. Ohana Best friends breakfast w/ Lilo & Stitch (it was a close one for first place):pinch:
  3. Liberty Tree Tavern “Goofy’s Liberate Your Appetite Character Dinner”
    (we had some great interaction here):goofybounce:

***on our next to do list is Chef Mickeys


Signature Dining/Dinner Shows Award

  1. California Grill :wub: :wub: :wub:
  2. Hoop-dee-doo (so nice, we’ve done it twice)
  3. Yachtsman (for the food only):glare:

***next on our to do list is Jiko


Wow…you kept track of everything!


Actually, there was detailed report that Disney gave me with our room credit for us to review. It was very helpful to track and compare.

As, Dopey can tell ya, I don’t like Math, that much!!!:laugh:


It is great to see the comparisons. It definitely makes you wonder if the dining plan is worth it. If you are happy with counter services over sit down dinners you would save money in the long run.


Very true.:happy:

Also, places like WGP Express had meals that were the quality and quantity of some TS meals. You could definitely save and still eat great by choosing the right places if your not on the plan.


What an awesome report- that is exactly the math concept I was giving in my gripe over the new plan- there is just not enough of a savings to make it worth while. Think about it- how much does $62 save when you divide that by person and 10 days? Seriously someone should forward this thread to Disney so they know we are not really that stupid!

Im so glad you love CG- we are doing that one with two of our free credits this trip. And HDD is my all time fav- got to love bottomless pitchers of Sangria and a designated “boat” driver!! WooHoo!!