MickeyMotto's RedHot Adventures & TR


Well everyone I’m back and getting ready to post my TR for all to enjoy. Since we spent a glorious 10 days in WDW and with so much to tell you all, I will try my best to keep it as organized as possible so I don’t forget anything.

Just in case you didn’t catch my “LIVE” update from DTD last week then you might not have heard…

:fork_off: IT WAS HOT!!!:fork_off:

Anyway, I am trying to resize my photos and will be back with lots of good stuff ASAP!


Can’t wait to hear about. You left us hanging and wanting more.


Can’t wait to hear all about it. But, was is it hot?:huh: :happy:


Great! Now just please hurry and get us some information w/ pictures… I can t wait to see how the 10 days turned out


I CAN’T WAIT!!! You really did leave us hanging…now I MUST KNOW MORE.


Can’t wait for your trip report!!! And I bet you have ALOT of food pics!!!


Patience little MouseBuzzers:laugh:

While I am resizing my photos, I will give you a prelude to the trip…

We left on Thursday morning, the week before last. So on Sunday, DH brings up all the suitcases to get ready to be filled. He brings the largest up to our room which he throws at the top of the steps. I asked him to move it out of the way because we have to bring laundry up and I know I’ll forget its there and trip on it.

Anyone ever catch the episode of “Everyone Loves Raymond” about the suitcases at the bottom of their steps? Well…this is that, but at the top of the steps!:glare:
(I know I could have moved it…but well you know):rolleyes: :laugh:

Anyway, sure enough, I stubbed my toe and tripped over the suitcase coming out of the bathroom that night!:eek: Ouch!

DH laughed and I refused to move it as I hobbled to bed.:angry:

As the great storyteller Paul Harvey use to say, “Now, for the rest of the story…”

The night before we leave, I am upstairs piling my clothes on the bed to be packed in the suitcase “still” at the top of the stairway and DH comes out of the bathroom grinning with his toothbrush to be packed and…

As the Karma Gods would have it, he clips the corner of the suitcase with his pinky toe and it was all over! Some very unDisney like language was muttered and I compassionately laughed:angel:

…until it started to turn blue and purple and swell up like a balloon!:eek: :noo: :blush:

Yes…he broke his pinky toe!:pinch:

And we are off to a great start!


BROKE his pinky toe?!? Poooooor guy!!!


Oh no! Ugh…not a good time to say I told you so huh?


I remember it well.

:pinch: :pinch: :pinch: :pinch:

Lovely. Just what one needs for a vacation that, by necessity, involves a lot of walking around: a broken toe. :glare:

But somehow I get the feeling that you’ll never again have to worry about tripping over a suitcase…:tongue:

Looking forward to the TR. :happy:


:laugh: forgive me for laughing, but that’s just too funny. I hope he didn’t suffer too much and was able to walk the many miles every day :smile:


Let me aquaint you with the cast of characters on this adventure:

Narrator - Me, MickeyMotto a.k.a. Mum (or the kidnapper):ph34r:
DH - a.k.a. Co-conspirator, Dad the Hobbit (It all started with the toe):rolleyes:
DS1 - oldest son a.k.a. “the hostage”:cool:
DS2 - middle son a.k.a. “Fast Freddie”:simba:
DS3 - youngest son a.k.a. BoBofeet (You’ll get filled in later):wink:

Early Thursday morning we all get ready to leave for the airport. The sku is soooo dark and thunder like I’ve never heard. Severe thunderstorms all morning for the Pittsburgh area.

Oh great! Another storm the day we leave! If any of you remember the “Freezing in February” Trip report, you will know we have a habit of catching the extreme weather when we travel!:laugh: We left on the Valentine’s Day Blizzard last trip and barely got out and now we are leaving on another very uuuugly morning…but we did get out with no problems as last trip too.:happy:

Well not unlike like last trip, we did manage to have record temps. Last trip was record colds this trip the complete opposite!:rolleyes:

But finally we are there! WDW and our first stay at the Polynesian!!!


Your forgiven…I laughed too!:laugh:

I know I’ll never have to worry about the suitcase again.

DH was a trooper though. Thats why the DSs called him “the Hobbit” during this trip. He kept up with all of us through the whole trip!


While I am so relieved that we are finally here I get to the check in desk at the Poly with much happiness only to find out that they could not honor our requests for the Somoa Bdlg first floor. (I wanted to be close to the pool) No worries though, they gave us what I think was an even better room in…

Our room was the first room as you walked in the door on the first floor of Rarotonga. Room #1830

We were convienently located right next to the walkway that led to the bus stop

and next to the Great Ceremonial House to catch the Monorail!!


I took some photos of the room for everyone to check out. All of these rooms have recently been updated.


There is plenty of closet space and a safe to keep all your stuff…well you know…safe!:laugh:


Gorgeous room! Can’t wait to read more!


A view of the bathroom and the coffee maker. There was also a mini refrigerator in the cabinet below. This came in very handy for desserts we could not eat or bottled water which we had plenty of this trip.


So glad you’re back. Looking forward to hearing all the important details. (I’m sure you know the cliffhanging details I refer to.) :happy:

Sounds like an interesting start. I hope the broken toe didn’t collaborate with the heat to make this a less than magical trip…


YEAH!! I am getting a mini DISNEY fix…

Can’t wait for more.