MickeyRon's Final Plans


Hey Everyone in just 3 short days I will be in the most magical place on earth…

Here is our plans!!

Pack and make sure we have everything needed! (Nothing like waiting till the last minute!!)
Fly out of CMH to JAX
Get our rental from Avis and drive the 3 hours to Orlando… the drive is a bummer, but the price for airfare I can live with it.
Check in at BWV!!
Have our traditional Dinner at Chef Mickey’s
Finish the day at the Pool! (Thank goodness for heated pools!)
Magic Kingdom
Dinner at Cape May Cafe
Swimming closes the day, of course
Disney Studios
Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s with the DewMan and Fam!
Swimming closes the day, of course
Check out of BWV and Check in at SSafari
Animal Kingdom/Epcot
Grand Adventure for Brooke! She will be doing the Pirate Adventure
BBB for Madison hopefully
We have dinner at CRT, nope we could not get any other ARD. But the girls will really enjoy this… it’s a memory right!
Swimming clsoed the day, of course!
Epcot/Magic Kingdom
Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern
Check out of SSafari and Check in at SSR
Magic Kingdom
Breakfast or Lunch at Whispering Canyon
Disney Studio’s
Dinner at O’hana’s
Check out of SSR and check in at SSafari? Don’t have this nailed down just yet!
Magic Kingdom and Catch our Favorites!!
Lunch at 50’s Prime Time
Our last day :mellow: :angry: :frown:
DTD for sure… Catch the favs we weren’t able to do before or THE BEACH depends on the weather!
No Dining plans, but we normally have extra counter service points… so Earl is most likely the place of dining today!

So that’s our plans!!


Have an amazing trip!


Looks like you are going to have an awesome trip!!! Can’t wait to read your trip report!!


Sounds great have fun!!!