Mickey's Backyard BBQ questions


So we had decided to do Hoop De Doo Revue, but then I told my DD6 about Mickey’s Backyard BBQ and she decided she’d like to do that instead. Her favorite characters are Chip and Dale and she said she’d really like to dance with them!

After reading about it, it concerns me a little that it might be chaotic?? Is that true? Also is it the same characters for every show? I’d hate to get there and Chip and Dale are not there.

What is the best way to get to Fort Wilderness? We may be in MK beforehand depending on our flight, but otherwise would be coming from POFQ

Anyway if you’ve been to Mickey’s Backyard BBQ and have any feedback I’d really appreciate it!


Chip and Dale are also our kids favorite characters, so we have done the BBQ. Our kids loved it. It does get slightly chaotic when the kids go up to dance, but the characters handle it well and I don’t recall there being any issues. Everything else was well organized and went smoothly. The rest of the show (esp. the rope tricks) was also very entertaining. You can get to Fort Wilderness by driving or taking a bus to the front entrance and then taking an internal shuttle back to the BBQ. You can also take a boat from MK and that will let you off right near the BBQ. From the pier, it’s located up the path and to the right (before you get to Pioneer Hall) back in the area where River County used to be.


I’m fairly certain that Chip & Dale are always there, so I don’t think you need to worry about that. DS took his Chip & Dale beanies, and the characters saw them and made a big deal about it, holding them and showing them to everyone. Needless to say, DS loved it!


The experience, for us, was not a positive one. We found it very chaotic, loud, and unorganized. When the characters come out, it is a free for all. We got there a little late and there was not a seat to be found. They have rows of picnic tables and we could not find 4 seats together.

I, personally, preferred Hoop De Doo.

That being said, the food is good and plentiful, Chip and Dale are always there, as far as I know. The characters do try to include as many children as they can. You get as much free ice cream as you wish.

I just wanted to mention that if your DD like Chip and Dale another option would be to go the camp fire sing along at FW. It is held every evening in a central area of FW. You can get there early, roast marshmallows, sing songs and interact with Chip and Dale. After all of the this they show a Disney movie on a large, outdoor screen.

Either way, I hope your DD has a great time.


I have not been to the BBQ, but have done the Campfire at FW - and it was GREAT! There were no more than 30 people there, so we got optimal time with them…actually, they split up and one takes one side of the seating, the other takes the other for photos and autographs, then everyone can dance with them. Super fun, and my favorite thing, FREE!


Dinner at Garden Grill is another option to meet Chip and Dale.:blush:


We’ve done the BBQ twice, once for Thanksgiving - and we are doing Thanksgiving again this year. My kids - now 5, 8, & 19 - LOVED it.

Yes, it gets crazy, but in a fun way. We’ve gotten there early each time and never had a problem with seating. There are plenty of benches available. When it got crowded, we moved a bit and made room for more.

We saw some different characters for Thanksgiving - not sure if they rotate them for the other nights. The kids had such a blast dancing with the characters all night. We’ve done all sorts of character meals and the kids enjoyed with the most. There is something special about seeing the characters playing, dancing, and interacting with the kids. This is NOT “stand here Mickey while I get a photo of you and the kids”. And that is OK by us. We saw a family with several special needs kids last time - the characters all made it a point to spend time with the kids - even as the other throngs of children were dancing away.

The food is decent enough, but that alone doesn’t make the meal. Freezers packed with Mickey Bars? That might do it! Watch the kids’ eyes rolling around when they see they ice cream is a blast. :eek:

Live music is always a plus. The kids also liked the cowboy and rope tricks.

I’ve read about people overdoing beer/wine or whatever there, but we’ve never seen any bad behavior.

When we planning to return to WDW for Thanksgiving - there was no question where we wanted to eat!


We have reservations made for Mickeys backyard for the very first evening we are there on Oct.24th I hope that it is a good time for DD 6 and 8. I know after that I am trying to decide between a haunted carrage ride and going to either MK or Epcot for the fireworks.


Some great suggestions…thanks!! The campfire sounds awesome and my DD is very interested in doing that. I will definitely keep Garden Grill in mind too. Ultimately I think we’ll just go ahead and try the BBQ. My DD is just too darn excited about it! She has no interest in princesses…just Chip and Dale. :laugh: Sounds like if we get there early and know what to expect it should be fine.


I think you will enjoy the BBQ. We were there last Christmas and really enjoyed it. The characters came around to the tables for pictures and autographs and then danced with the kids! Even my teenager said it was a lot of fun. I even got on the dance floor todo a line dance with the kids. I thought it was really worth the money.


DD told me to add that she LOVED all of the free Mickey bars they had. (She ate so many that she felt sick!)


well, we have done this twice now and although I quite enjoyed it the 1st time the 2nd time was less than desirable. The food is good and very bountiful. The drinks nice, the music good too. You do have to get there early though and we found the nicest way of arriving was on the boat from the MK. However, leaving after the BBQ has finished is chaos. There is no organisation of leaving and no one to tell you what to do so we found that many of us were helping each other out as basically if you leave right at the end of the BBQ all the boats have finished back to MK and you are reliant on getting a bus back to Downtown disney and then getting a resort bus back to your hotel from there. A complete FAFF!

Also, as far as the interaction with the characters and dancing goes…it was ok and nothing more. The characters do try and share themselves about but as with anything, there are some kids out there who totally hog the situation and are very aggressive in their natures. Regretably though these kids’ parents are no better in their attitudes and are happy to sit back and watch their child trample, shove and push there way to that ‘dance with Mickey’ without a care in the world that there are zillions of other kids who want their chance to do the same.
We just hate these people and hey kinda spoilt it for us and our DD who gave up on the idea of a groove with the mouse!


This is a really great option if your “main” objection is Chip N Dale, and not the food :blow:.Not the best to say the least!
We go every year and I book at 4:30 just when the The GArden Grill opens.
Last year the place was so empty,we had the characters all to ourselves!.


My advice would be to do the early seating at HDD and then head over to the campfire to see Chip and Dale!