Mickey's Backyard BBQ


Has anyone here ever done this dinner show?
I’m looking into taking my 3 year old nephew to it when he and my sister visit me mid May


We did it 3 years ago. The food was yummy and the show part was fun but I don’t think we’ll be going back soon. It was just too hot in July for me to eat outside. We sat at a table on the edge to get some air but even that didn’t help. The Hoop Dee Doo is now our must do dinner show.


oooh yeah heat would not be fun.
I was just thinking of it in May because we can’t make our ADR’s untill I get there so I know when exactly I’ll get time off for my sister to visit, so I thought it would be less likely to be sold out than Hoop Dee Doo.
But I’ve heard such wonderful things about HDD, I’ll see about booking that for her November trip, or for my Mommy’s August trip.


Sorry, I have never been to MBB, but I agree the HDD is great!!!


We loved the BBQ. We did it our first trip, which was in October 2000. My DD was 3 at the time, too. She had a great time, and danced her little heart out!!

Take lots of pictures, it will be something he will remember!


Have you done HDD? Or any one who has done both. It does seem that everyone loves HDD. We want to do one and we will be traveling with a 3 year old our next trip. Something we should do or wait for another trip? :mickey:


Both HDD and the BBQ are great for little ones. My DS was 6 the first time he went to HDD and he loved it, all the kids around us seemed to love it. However, the BBQ is great for kids because you can get up and move around as much as you want.


We have done and enjoyed both of them. MBB isn’t something I’d do on every trip (like I could with HDD), but it was definitely worth doing (esp. for the kids). The food at MBB was good, and the character interaction was GREAT! The kids loved getting out on the dance floor with the characters, & the overall show was good, too. I will say that it was extremely loud (my 4 yo has some difficulty with loud noises). We had to scream just to talk to eachother across the table. Other than that, we really liked it & will probably do it again in a few years.


Thanks, Mickey’s BBQ sounds like a lot of fun for the little ones. I think our granddaughter will enjoy it. :mickey:


Will you be in in Epcot during Nov? I may have to stop by and say hi to you, it’s not everyday you meet a Princess


Tessa, I think you’d be fine to do Mickey’s BBQ in May, it shouldn’t be TOO hot then. Better than July or August anyway. I think your nephew would LOVE it!


It’s lots of fun, you should have a great time. Have a Magical vacation!!! Joe