Mickey's Backyard BBQ


Has anyone ever done it?

Is it on the dining plan? Is it two credits or just one?



I believe it is on the dining plan as two credits! We were thinking of trying it this year.


I don’t know, but I have seen it on video’s and stuff and it looks so fun!


It’s two, we haven’t done it yet but we will in October - it’s booked.


We went to the BBQ a couple years ago and it was really fun but we went in July and it was just too hot. The food was yummy and there was lots of it. More food than HDD but it’s outside.


I had it booked a few years back and ended up cancelling. I have read some great reviews on it however and do hope you guys try it out. I look forward to your thoughts on it. :heart:


Why did you cancel? Just wondering, cuz I’m nosy, heehee!


We did the BBQ this past April. We all loved it. There was lots of face time with the characters and they were tearing up the dance floor with the kids. The food was OK (about what you’d expect at a BBQ) and the kids loved seeing those freezers full of ice cream and pops - all for the taking.


I don’t think we’ll do it this September, because it’s 2 credits, and our plans are pretty solid…but, we might just come down and do it…

who knows?! But, it looks like fun!


It is fun Erin, just wait until summer is over. Your kids will love it.


Well if you can make it on October 26th Miss Caisley could play with our DGD (Disney Granddaughter) McKayla - she just turned three.


Well, ya know what??? That sounds like ALOT of fun!!! I’ll start workin’ Matt over, now…


Late October is PERFECT weather for something like that!


It’s tons of fun, Erin!!!

We went when my DD was 3, she had a blast dancing around both by herself and with the characters.

The food was yummy.

My Dad was picked to sing a song!! It was so fun, people were coming up to him days after saying “hi” Ed from Boston!!!

We actually booked it again for August. It is 2 credits on the dining plan.


Lauren, thanks!! I really am considering it - even if we pay out of pocket another time.

I think this would be a great way to spend someone’s birthday or something…

We’ll see!!

It looks SO cute!


Anything Fort Wilderness is great. Im thinking of going for the All you care to drink beer. (Probably crappy Budweiser though).


Its really good fun, we had great people on our table and the food and entertainment was good too-absolutely recommend it.


We went last Sept. our daughter (3 at the time) LOVED it. She didn’t stop dancing from the time we got there to the time it was over. It was hard to get her to stop long enough to eat and drink something. I would recommend it to anyone with young children.


We are taking a young child but I am really a young child trapped in an adult body - can I dance?


We don’t know? Can you? :tongue:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Ok I never thought of that. No I guess not but as long as I am there with no one I know… :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: