Mickey's Backyard BBQ


we have done Hoop De Doo many times (love it) but never the BBQ. Next trip it will be just my DD (12) and I . Is the BBq too childish???


I did Mickey’s Backyard BBQ along time ago i believe i was around 10 - 12 at the time & i enjoyed it. The food was pretty good that i remember.


I went to the backyard bbq about 3 years ago not realizing it was going to be as childish as it was. The best way I can think to describe it is like a dance party with the characters. There is a dance floor and a band and basically that is what happens all night. So it was too childish for my party but at least we can say we did it.


Great way of putting it, I think if you have kids above age 9 it might be a little “too young.” My dk’s were under age 5 when they went and loved it.


That is also very good way to put it. And at two table credits not worth it. we left almost as soon as we where done eating will try the hoop dee doo before ever doing the bbq again.


Sounds perfect if you have little kids! We never did it when the kids were little… I think I may have not even known about it! Wish we could go back in time to when the kids were young and do this event!


We planned this for our last trip but I fell ill a few hours before so couldn’t go! My dad and brother went though and said the food was really good and the atmosphere. Later in the trip we all did Hoop De Doo and they said they preferred that to MBYBBQ. I think the BBQ is better for the younger kids becuase of all the character interaction etc!


My kids were in their late teens when we went and they had a blast. They danced with the charaters for a couple hours, you don’t get that any where else. The food was great and the beer was included in the cost back then.


It will depend on the kid. My DD is now 10 (well will be tomorrow) and she would love it just like she did when she was 5 because she can have fun anywhere and just loves the characters still. However, some of her friends would definetly think they were too cool for it. In my opinion Hoop De Doo is better by far. But I do think everyone should try MBYBBQ at least once. My 65 year old dad is the one begging to go back to the BBQ! (Not for the alcohol either as none of us drink) LOL!


We like the BYBBQ. Sure, its a little cheesy at times, but its fun, the foods not bad, and the atmosphere is nice. I guess it depends on the age of the children, I suspect for some older kids it may be a little childish at times.


I took my boys in April they were 6 and 8…as soon as the food was over they wanted to leave…didn’t enjoy the dancing or anything. We ended up leaving and heading to MK. I’m glad we did it, No regrets for anything I’ve done in Disney but I would only recommend for younger kids