Mickey's Christmas party days.....closes at 6


What do you think of the closing at 6 pm for the parties? I heard that before 6 and 7 pm, non-parties people can stay in the park, but only party people can get on rides with the wrist bands. So isn’t that making the party from 6 - midnight, not 7 to midnight? That’s aside from allowing them to enter at 4 pm with the party ticket alone. I understand not wanting people to hang around during party hours. But why not have the rides shut down, during that time.

Yes, it’s sour grapes. But I like the parks at night. We are there from a Saturday to the following Sunday, 4 of those days are party days. 50% of our trip.

Yes, I know we could pay the $100 to go ourselves. But not knowing what the weather or crowds will be like, we don’t want to take a chance …and we’re cheap.


Jo-Jo, In the past, you could stay in the park until 7 PM. At that time, they were checking wrist bands and moving non-party people to the front of the park / exit. Many people hang on Main St and do some retail therapy. We typically go in around 2 PM (AP), and go back to the front with our X-mass party tickets around 5.

Yes, people just going for the party can get in at 4, which gives them 8 hours (about the cost of a day pass), where as if you go at 8 AM you get 10 - 11 hours for about the same price. Yes we do get a special parade , fireworks and watered down Hot Chocolate and cookies (although I heard this year they are changing that), so it works out about the same. If you are concerned about the crowds, they cap the sale for the party tickets at 40,000.


We’ve been there on party nights and never had anyone check for a wrist band at say 6 and 7 while going on a ride. Once we went on Webway about 6:40 and it broke down. We got off shortly after 7…as we made our way toward the front gate, no one said a word to us, but someone was being escorted and the stage show started. The other guest paused and the CM said “no, you’re not allowed to look”. We thought that sounded so funny. Maybe say, we have to keep moving or we aren’t allowed to stop, but to say you can’t look…ok everyone close your eyes.


No PEAKING !!! :joy::joy::joy:


I totally understand you liking MK at night (I’m right there with you!) but those early closing days are actually really good days to do MK. The majority of the people believe they won’t get their money’s worth on a short day like that so they avoid that park. That means less people, shorter lines and a lot more opportunity to get on a lot of rides.