Mickeys Kiss Goodnight


how long do you have to wait at the end of the night to see this?
and where do u have to be to see it?

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The castle starts changing colors around 830, I think - around the time it gets dark. That’s what I -THINK- happens - I’m sure someone will come along, soon, with the official word.



i thought the kiss goodnight happened at the very end of every night?


It is when the Castle changes colors and everybody is leaving and the audio changes to it… I forgot what it says but it has something to do with it.


When you exit the MK on the right or left of the train station before you go thru the exit turnstil turn around and look up and Mickey is standing at the train station “blowing kisses” with his hands to the leaving crowds. At least that’s what happened in May.


PrincessJilly, at MK at the end of the day, you can see Mickey on the train station garden saying goodbye… is this what you mean by goodbye kiss?


no i dont think so… i read sumthing on someones blog about waiting behind for mickeys kiss goodnight… CANNOT remember where i read it now although,so i thought the experts on here could answer my question! my mission for this evening is to hunt out where i read it initially!

if i find it il post it up here!


ive found it!!!

“By this time, the park had been closed about a half an hour, so we went to sit in the hub in front of the castle and wait for the Kiss Goodnight-this cool show that plays using lights on the castle, Disney music (i.e. When you wish upon a star), and Mickey Mouse saying good night. We were waiting there for a while when a security guard came up and asked us if we were waiting for something. We asked her if she knew what time it was on, so she radioed control to find out. If we had had a Guest Service Fanatic card, we’d definately have given it to her as thanks!”

and i guess that answers my 2 questions as well!


I have never heard of this Caslte show, and it sounds really special! I have put it on the list of things to do next time.

I have however seen characters and CMs hanging over the balcony of the train station as you leave at the end of the night… they blow kisses.


ive always been so tired by the end of the night that i notice nothing on the way out… good thing about my CM id is that i can do a couple of hours at the parks here and there, so il look out for that!


So this show is only for Cast Members? Does the show show all year?


From what I understand the “Kiss Good Night” refers to the closing fireworks show. The term comes from the sentiment that the show is the close to a wonderful day at the park and the show gives the guest a kiss good night as that day ends.

I have heard Disney CM’s refer to Wishes, Illuminations, and Fantasmic as a “Kiss Good Night”


well this is a show after the parks close so its not referring to wishes in the MK…

dont think its just for cast members either altho i will let u kno in a few weeks wen i am out there and see it for myself!


I’m with you, I’ve never seen it myself. We did watch the castle lights change color between spectro and wishes, but I guess that’s not it. And when we leave, we’re usually making a bee-line to the busses, so we don’t usually look back!


I’ve never heard of this before! I hope SOMEONE can confirm!!! That would be cool to see! (I DO remember seeing the characters and CMs waving goodbye from the train station as you leave!)


Well I can confirm that this does actually happen. I know because I stood out there many times when I was a CM helping to clear people out. It’s usually about 30-60 minutes after the park officially closes, but people are still wandering around. The music dims and Mickey’s voice comes over the speaker wishing everyone a good night and some other things. It’s really cute and was always fun to hear after a long day at work. Especially when I was standing out there all by myself if it was a cold night and everyone had left at that point. It’s like I had the whole place to myself (except for the random custodial person). :happy:


We’ve also never caught this because we’re usually racing out for dinner or down to Epcot for Illuminations. The one time we were in the MK after Wishes, we at at CRT and then, because it was an EMH night, we stayed in the park, but didn’t notice this. Is it possible that on EMH nights, they don’t do this until the later closing time?


How cool!?! We ae never stopped aond long enough to notice anything like this before. I think it is because that inevitable ‘I must in the line for the bus back to resort 1st’ craze sets in and we race for the exit! :laugh: :laugh:
The next time we come over though we are determined that we are going to chill and ‘do things differently’. So this is one thing that I will most certainly catch. Thanks for thread and thanks Gingita for the clarification :flowers:


Gingita ROCKS! :wub:


lol thanks for confirming that gingita i thot i was going mad for a while!