Mickey's Magic Show


So, Disney Live’s “Mickey’s Magic Show” is coming to an arena near me, just after my birthday! So a few friends decided to come along and see it with me.
Has anyone here saw it before?
What did you think?
Is it worth going for the more expensive seats?

Thank You!
S.M :heart:


I have never heard of it but I wanted to wish you loads of fun :smile:


We saw it when it was in Ft. Lauderdale, FL . . . it was a lot of FUN!!

It was the first time I saw the eyes and mouths on the character open and close. Soon after they were like that at the park too!

ENJOY! :heart:


I have seen it too. The characters talking is very neat. Not used to seeing that at all. The Magic Show is fun for all ages (although at times, it can be a little cheesy for the adult crowd).


Wow SM that sounds like a whole lot of fun!- you must tell all after you have been.


We loved it!!