Mickey's mart closed?


My MIL called last night from Orlando and said that Mickey’s Mart (the $10 and under store) is closed. :eek: I can’t find any confirmation anywhere— can this be true? I love that store!!:wub:


—are you talking about the little store attached to the “Pooh” store at Downtown Disney? If you are—it was there last week—I walked through it. Smallworld


I was just there last weds. 1/7. It’s now next to the Pooh and Goofy’s candy.


strange, she was in DTD because she saw T rex and told me about that. Maybe she was just confused as to the location?


—The T Rex restaurant looks awesome. Kids will love this one. Smallworld


Keep us updated !


OH I hope Mickey’s Mart is still open. That’s one of my fav stores!!!


I can ALWAYS find good deals in that store.


Would that be a good place to buy kid’s valentines? I was thinking since we were going to be there during the first week of Feb, we could get DS’s valentines for school. I thought it would be cute.