Mickey's Mart - "Everything Ten Dollars and Under"


I was wondering if anyone has ever been.

LOVE MY BARGAINS :angel: , but LOVE DISNEY BARGAINS even more. :wink: :cool:


Yeah, I’ve been through there. It is definately a cute idea for children but it was nothing that would really appeal to an adult, or appeal to me anyway. It’s mostly little chachka things for kids. Good idea though b/c kids with a little cash in their pockets can pick a few cute souveniers.


Oh, where is this place? I wanted to get my son’s daycare buddies some things…


Mickey’s Mart would be perfect for my DD. She always has to bring something home for her friends.

It’s located in Downtown Disney… not sure where.

I have a bunch of kids to buy for… well not a bunch… about 4 not including my own.

Thanks. :wink:


It is right next to the pet store in DTD called “Disney Tales” in a little outdoor hallway area that used to sell gardening items. It’s pretty much across from the huge kitchen store.

Would be the PERFECT place for your child to get souvenirs to bring home to friends.


The gardening store is gone?? Is the Pooh store still there? :noo:


Thanks! I’m definitely going to look for it in May.


I believe the Disney Tails store feeds into the Pooh store now and that little outside area is now this “Disney Discount Store”


I just read about that place in the unofficial guide, sounds cool! Great for kiddlets :biggrin:


I loved it- they even had a section of clearance in the under $10 store, where you got 4 items for $10. Thye had antenna toppers(I got a Valentine’s Day one and the Castle), and stuffed Mickey’s, and wind up Princesses, it was very cool. Nothing better than a bargain in the bargain store. My DH was amazed that I found things for so cheap.


I happened upon this place when we went in Dec. to DTD to do some christmas shopping. We were waiting to ride the carousel and spotted it. The kids loved it and found lots of cute little things. I hope it hangs around. I, too, got an antenna topper and some cute stocking stuffers for my kids.


I got the Mickey-topped mechanical pencils ($3 each!) there for my co-workers, but not to be missed is the “grab bag” – we got two of them so later on we can open them and get a new, surprising burst of Disney while we’re waiting for the next trip. :slight_smile:


I completely forgot to check this place out last trip. I need to get over there next time. That “grab bag” thing sounds pretty cool…


I know some stores in DTD do not take Disney Dollars. Do you know if this bargain place accepts them?