Mickeys Moms Founders


I just received an awesome email presenting the new Mickeys Moms logo and announcing they are sending me a Mickeys Moms Founders Kit :mickey:

So even though I didn’t get the opportunity to call myself a Mickeys Mom, I can proudly carry the title of Mickeys Moms Founder! That’s so cool!

The email includes a download for a very cute spring calendar and the kit includes “tools” to help share information on WDW resorts. Can’t wait to see it!

I’m guessing all of us MB’er who applied will get similar emails? I think MB can take credit as a “founder” as well since that’s certainly the source of much of my knowledge.


I got the same email yesterday… kinda cool.


I got that e-mail yesterday, I can’t wait to see what it’s all about.


I got it today :smile:


Got mine yesterday- i just want to see what is in that elusive founders package!


Very cool.:flowers:


I got it too!!!



Eh, I got it. But I’m still feeling bitter about not being picked originally. :laugh:


I sware we are sistahs from different mother…lol I deleted mine…still annoyed about not being picked and won’t participate…LOL I am such a hot head.:laugh:


Aw… I’m jealous. This makes me want to be a mommy. Oh, wait… that would be bad. :laugh:


At this given time it would be not so good…lol Call yourself a FUTURE mickey Mom.:laugh:


That was me with the CMO- I never even checked out who made the finalists!:laugh:
At least the moms thing said thanks for entering and are sending us a gift thingy or something- we were never even given a thanks for entering!


Got my email, too. Can’t wait to see what the kit is about!


I still think you should have been a CMO finalist!! :nonono2:

I got the founders kit thing also a day or two ago.


I GOT MY PKG!!! and the pins and the dvd and the mouse pad and …
but I like the pins the most! wooHoo!!!


I got a package to today!!!


I got my package in the mail today too! I was all excited. I wasn’t expecting all of that stuff in there. Pretty cool!


My girls will be so excited about the pins!


I got mine too! I love the pins, they’re my first. My favorite is the picture on the front, I’m going to frame it and hang it up with all my other disney photos.


The pins are my favorite! Mickey knew I love TINK!!:wink: