Mickey's Not so scarey Halloween Party?


Can anyone tell me about this event??

What all do you do?? Do you dress up??? How much and how hard is to get tickets??

Is it all of October???

Any info is appreciated, this is for a friend going in October and they are thinking about going but need more info!!!

Thanks again!!!


I’ve looked up info on this as well because my friend is going too. There is a great deal of information on the site Allears.net com. The park closes at 7:00 and I believe everyone then leaves and to return you have to have your ticket. It sounds like so much fun. There are several dates in October that this happens; however, they do sell out fast!!! You can order the tickets on the Walt Disney World Official Website with a credit card.


Try this link http://allearsnet.com/tp/mk/mnsshp.htm


We were there in Oct '02. You can dress up or not as you prefer…if you like to do that kind of stuff you’ll probably enjoy it more if you do dress up. They have a special parade, story telling, candy stops & a bunch of other neat stuff. It’s fun. We’re doing MVMCP in December since we liked MNSSHP so much.


We had a great time. Main street transforms into this incredible sight. Orange lit buildings, green fog, and fun music…all child friendly.
Though a bit hot for us New Englanders. We had a Peter Pan theme, my two sons wer Peter himself, and the crocadile, My DW was Wendy and I of course was Hook.
It was too much fun to squeeze in a 6 hour period. Very little lines, fun candy stations, and a great parade. Don’ forget your free picture, get this taken early, and in about 2 -3 weeks, it gets sent to your home!
Have fun!!!


Great picture and sounds like a great time!!! I wish I were going!!!


We’ve been twice and loved it both times! Last trip was 2002 and we walked onto every attraction. The only crowded time was viewing the parade which is not to be missed! DS dressed as Winnie the Pooh and got kissed by all the princesses who saw him as well as petted by Cruella DeVille who kept saying “I love fur”. Definitely dress up, definitely go if you can! It’s a great “extra”.


Riding Big Thunder in the dark - WAAAAAYYY COOOOLL!

mm :mickey:


My family had a great time. We went Halloween night in '02 and all dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland. Be sure to go in costume because it really adds to the experience. Like others have said they really have the park looking the part with lights, decorations, etc.

They shut the park down at the usual time, but if you have the Halloween pass they will let you stay in Fantasyland while they decorate the park, so that meant a few extra trips on Peter Pan’s and Winnie the Pooh’s rides. We also got a jump on getting our free picture taken. Unfortunately my youngest refused to smile so the picture isn’t exactly suitable for framing.

Around the park they have areas designated for Trick or Treating and they gave out really good candy. Lots of Wonderballs! There’s a costume contest for the kids and the Disney characters are everywhere, many even wearing costumes of their own. Highly recommend going to this.


We went last year and loved this event. Make sure that you dress up, it makes it much more festive. The fireworks were excellent and so was the evening parade. Don’t miss them.

My one unique tip: Some food areas will be closed so plan ahead a little and ask when you enter the park so you don’t wait till the last second and have to walk a great distance. We went last year with a friend who is diabetic (sp?) and by the time we got to an open food area it was way past time for him to eat. :sad:


We went last year and didn’t dress up, but had a great time anyway.

FYI - I heard that Halloween night is sold out already.


If you go to www.webshots.com and do a search for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party there are lots of photos.


We have been twice 01 and 03 had a great time. We walked on most of the rides. We all dressed up in 01 and just the kids in 03. Last year space mt broke down while we were on it(someone threw a shoe) and they had to turn the light on it is unbelievable in there.


Wow!! What a cool feature!! Thanks for the tip!


We went back in 1996 and had a blast. The parade was awesome and HM was too cool. Don’t miss going in costume DD loved all the attention. My little mermaid.


i would do the halloween party again its the most wonderful time i ve had in awhile,drees up lots of candy,get your tickets before you leave…have a great time :wink:


We went to MNSSHP last October, the Sunday before Halloween. The best night of our entire vacation!

My three sons went as Huey Dewey and Louie. They were not thrilled about my choice of costumes (I chose them because I wanted the boys to go “together”, I wanted their costumes to be something I couldn’t find at the store and H, D & L get into as much trouble in their adventures as my three do!) They were embaressed as we walked through the lobby of the Poly on the way to the monorail, that is until we passed a group of adult men dressed as the 7 dwarves who went nuts when they saw our boys, calling out to them, high five-ing them and making a big deal of them (Lapu Lapu all around I believe, Ha!). Then they got into the spirit!

The decorations in the park were so neat! So much to take in! We hadn’t ridden HM yet and the boys didn’t know who Madame Leota was yet and were trying to figure out the giant head at the entrance! Lots of characters were out, so many villans.

The trick or treat stations were marked by a giant pumpkin balloons so they were easy to find. The candy was just average stuff but enjoyed none the less. Lines were non existant. There was a dance party near SM for anybody with the energy. We enjoyed the parade, especially the Headless Horseman who rode the parade route just before the parade. We watched from Liberty Square but couldn’t get close enough to hear the story of the Horseman being told. The wait for the parade was the longest and hardest part of the night.

We missed Cinderellas coach near the castle somehow. Still trying to figure out how.

Our boys ages 8, 6 and 4 at the time managed to enjoy the party until the very end. We finished our night by enjoying our laughing place, Splash Mountain at Midnight!

Just yesterday they had a conversation in the truck (which I know DH had to hear) about what they want to dress up as next time they go to Mickey’s Halloween Party! Do you think DH got the hint??? I hope so!


We went last year, and my DD dressed up as a can-can dancer. We didn’t know what to expect as we had never done Mnsshp and we did not get to see and do everything we wanted in the time allotted. This year, we have a plan, and we will be able to see more. We will be going on Oct. 3. We already have our PSes for Liberty tree right before MNSSHP, so we will already be in the park when it opens and right in the thick of things. My DD is going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (Thanks to her DGM for making that costume) and she has talked me into going as Snow White (thanks to ebay for that Disney store costume). We both can’t wait. It’s going to be too cool! Here is a picture of her from last year with two guys I think you all might recognize!!!