Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party


Not exactly sure how this works…
Do I have to purchase tickets for this or is it part of the package…


The tickets are sold separatly thru disneyworld.com or by calling them directly


thank you…


no problem!:biggrin:
glad i could help!
this is our first year going to the halloween party too!

the phone number is 800-828-0228 (so you don’t have to pay long distance)
it’s also posted on another board… i probably should have put that on my last post.
sorry about that!


Y’all will have a blast! We had a great time last year!


Thanks for reminding me – I still have to buy my tickets!!


We’re going on the 29th!! We can’t wait!


Have to talk to DH and see if he wants to go…
From what I see it would be approx $40.00 per person…
I would consider this a once in a life time.
We have 7pm ADR’s for LeCelleir - We should be at MK by 8:30 - that would give us 3.5 hours… should be enough time… RIGHT?


we’re also going on the 29th!



CHange your ADR for that night. Don’t go to EPCOT, leave, and try to get back to the MK for that.

Have your ADR align more with your plans, should you choose to do the MNSSHP.

read about last year’s MNSSHP here www.allearsnet.com (the link should be on the first page, if not search for it on the site’s search feature - the overview of it is worth the time and effort)


yay, princess!! :c)

We’ll have to try to say hi to each other!!!


Dac, I agree with Erin. You need to reschedule your ADR so that you can be at MNSSHP for the event. If you don’t arrive until 8:30 you will have missed the first parade and the crowds will have already gathered for the fireworks. If it’s a once in a lifetime event for you then you’ll definitely want to be in the MK sooner than that!

Hope that helps!


you have to purchase the ticket seperatley, but it is worth every penny. we were down there last october, and originally planned to go once. we wound up going 4 times. i had about 30lbs of candy that they gave us.

the fireworks and parade are incredible, but the best part was the headless horseman.

i would definatlety recommend this event to anyone who asks.


I would change the dining too. You really want to be there when it all starts. Try to get in to the Liberty Tree Tavern. The characters and CM’s dress for halloween and the food is awesome. We love MNSSHP!


sounds like a great time… still waiting to hear from DH…


You’ll have a great time, twice we’ve been to wdw and both times we did the mnsshp, its a great night out, the fireworks are pretty amazing and you’ll probably need an extra suitcase for all the sweets you bring back lol!


Just got off the phone with DH…
He says to get two tickets one for me the other for Nikki.
I can change my ADR from Epcot @ 7pm to CP @ 5:05 pm.
My question… after we are done eating will we (Nikki and I) be asked to leave the park? DH and DD (16) will be on their own for the night…


… hmmm. At Euro Disney do you have Mickey’s Not So Scary Guy Fawkes’ Party? :laugh:

(Actually I’ve seen the decorations of Euro Disney for Hallowe’en and they’re very cool.)

remember, remember


So this is what I did…

I changed my 7pm ADR’s for LeCelleir (for 9/22) to 5pm at Coral Reef and changed me 6:00 pm ADR (for Sunday 9/17) to LeCelleir @ 5:50 pm.

I just bought 2 tickets for MNSSHP for 9/22/05 - It’s only going to be Nikki and Me…
Who else will be in the park that night?


I just got off the phone with WDW - you may all know this already, but I didn’t, so I assume someone else may not as well (not that I was just on the phone with WDW, but the following info… :tongue: )

You do not have to use your WDW ticket to get into MNSSHP, just the MNSSHP ticket. I was assuming (never do that) that I had to buy a ticket and a MNSSHP ticket - I further thought that unless I bought a parkhopper, I would have to go to MK that day if I wanted to go to a park the same day as MNSSHP. I was told that I could, for example, buy a regular, one day ticket (no parkhopper) & use it at MGM, then that same night, buy a ticket for MNSSHP & go there with only the MNSSHP ticket.

Sorry, if everyone else knew this already, but it was new and exciting to me, so I thought I would share with anyone else that might need the info! If anyone feels this is incorrect, let me know, please~ this is what someone at WDW 800# told me!