Mickeys not so scary party a new question


Mickeys not so scary party a new question

How many adults went or is going dressed in costume to the party ?:mickey::mickey::mickey::pirate::pirate:


A large percentage of the adult guests dress up in costume. Its not obligatory, but when we went with just our DD in costume we kind of felt a little out of things. If we went again, we would make an effort to join in.


I would say when we were there the majority of adults were in costume. We dressed up and it was great. Have fun.


Over the past years, I would say that it is 65/35 for adults to get dressed. I think it is more for adults that are going with kids. We have been multiple times dressed and not dressed, and did not feel out of place either way.


We decided to go last minute (6pm and party started at 7pm) so we didn’t have any type of costume to wear. Was worried we would feel out of place but didn’t. I’d say it was about 50/50, but it was the first party they had in September, so I would bet the closer you get to Halloween, the more people will get into it and have costumes on.


We were there last year - just before Halloween and it seemed that the majority of adults didn’t wear costumes. We certainly didn’t feel out-of-place.


I repeat!
Every year I wear the same costume: Nike running shoes, white socks, Columbia cargo shorts, and either a Ron Jon tee shirt or a tee shirt from a non Disney park and tell people I’m supposed to be a tourist.

Meanwhile my wife dresses up as a witch.
Go figure.


When we went a couple of years ago, we didn’t dress up and I’d go with the 65/35 ratio for adults dressing. We didn’t dress up because MNSSHP was a surprise for my boys (we were at Universal for Wizarding world, but I couldn’t resist popping over to WDW), and costumes would have been a dead giveaway. They didn’t believe we were going until we actually walked through the gates! We took the boys to the Pirate’s league for costumes for the night.

If you want to dress up, you’ll feel right at home! If you don’t want to dress up, You’ll still feel right at home! So, do what you want and have a great time!


We dress up but that’s because I really want to. You can really get into it if you that’s your thing. You will feel OK either way. Our plan is to go this year as Snow white and Grumpy (DH has a beard so it works well). I’ve made the costumes myself and he last time we dressed as the same thing people actually thought I was one of the official Snow Whites, quite a compliment!


DON’T dress as Lady Godiva. They won’t let you in. (Boy, that was an awkward trip.):whistling


That was YOU ?!?


Should have asked Boss to borrow his tutu to get through the gate.