Mickey's Not-So-Scary


It’s unofficially official I am headed to Disney for TWO WEEKS for my honeymoon in October 2012! woo hoo! Any idea when the dates for the Halloween party will be announced and tickets will go on sale? so, so, so , SO excited!!


Yay, that is exciting. Where will you stay?


You may see those dates announced as early as Late April or early May. Congrats on your upcoming wedding and your Disney honeymoon! Which resort are you planning on staying at?


My future hubbie has not been “Disney-fied” yet, so we are spending 2 weeks in our time share! I have plans to take him to many of the resorts while we are there and… could we maybe even tour DVC??? :whistling


I think I will plan there.


Wow that’s so exciting! Congratulations.


I can see you will be the perfect wife.:angel: Nothing like a nice little tour of DVC…:whistling

Congratulations on your wedding. The parade is terrific.


great news.

not sure when dates come out - but i seem to remember it was on Tuesdays and Fridays :ph34r:


Congrats to a WDW honeymoon. Me and my DH honeymooned at YBC, it’ll be 18 years in October. October is a great time to visit. We’ve never been to MNSSHP but I hear it’s FANTASTIC and the parade is one you don’t want to miss.


I think they release the dates for MNSSHP and MVMCP at the same time. Its usually around Mid-April or Early May. It will be posted on here so keep a look out. And Congrats! I always wanted a Disney Wedding and/or Honeymoon, if I ever get married. LOL!


Yay for your Disney-moon! Make sure you get the badges and ears! :slight_smile:


FYI Tickets went on sale today for MNSSHP and MVMCP!! YAY!!


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Here are the dates…congratulations on your upcoming wedding.


Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and the Disney honeymoon.

If you do get to Micke’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party I would suggest…seeing that it is your honeymoon and halloween party…you embrace the Haunted Mansion and go as the Bride and Groom…just an idea.