Mickey's Not So Scary


I’m 2 days out from my ADRs, and there is no word on what nights MNSSHP will take place (Sept 23-29). It’s kind of hard to make plans when you don’t know what nights MK will be closing early for this event.

I noted in 2011, the corresponding week had the party on Tuesday and Friday. Anyone have any thoughts.


When we did MNSSHP we he just ate a counter service. I also wanted to let you know it seemed really crowded in years past and we could hardly ride anything and there was even long lines to get candy.


No, I’m not looking to go to MNSSHP. I’m trying to find what nights it will be on so that I can plan my dining around that. I don’t want to spend a day at MK if the park is closing early. I don’t see the point of spending $200 for my family to have the park hopping option. So I want to avoid MK on the days of the party.


Hi, If you check out the waltdisneyworld.com sight under Magic Kingdom the calendar for September shows the nights the park closes at 7. I’m waiting for Oct calendar to do the same thing. Have fun.


There is a really good possibility it will be on the 23rd, the 28th and the 29th. Bank on the 28th and plan a breakfast instead of a dinner.


We are having the same problem - we have booked ADR’s for 23 sept hoping it is not MNSSHP
last year it was on Tuesday and Friday so we have planned around that - we have booked a 11:00 breakfast and going to grab a counter service. if the party is not on the tuesday it will be back to the drawing board for lots of ADR’s:eek:

however on the September 23 there is magic hrs planned with the park closing at 09:00 we have the royal table booked that night we tryed to book prefered firework viewing but they could not do it staff said it might be they are intending to put the party on that night :mad:


The 25th, 28th and 30th September all close at 7pm.

I’d make a safe bet that these will be party nights. All other nights the park is open till 9pm (excludig any EMH), except for the 29th when it is open till 10pm.