Mickey's spooktacular room decoration back


This looks so great and was obviously so popular WDW florists are bringing it back- what fun to return to the resort and find this has happened:ohmy::happy:Mickey’s ?Spooktacular? In-Room Celebration Returns to the Walt Disney World Resort Disney Parks Blog


Very cool! $375 is a little steep though :confused:


I find that a lot of the in room celebrations are steep. Probably cheaper to buy some of the included product before you leave home and put it together as a surprise for whomever you’re travelling with yourself.


Those are so cute! But you are right, it is a little overpriced even for Disney.


I didn’t see the price! wow, a little steep, it would have been too steep for this Disney family:laugh: A trip to Wal mart’s Halloween section would suffice!:laugh:

Anyway for those who can afford-enjoy!


cool but a little to steep for us this trip…