Mickey's ticking me off


I bought a Mickey watch when I was in DW, July 2006. I got it home and it fogged up - three weeks later:pinch: . So the Disney 1-800 support staff were great and exchanged it for an identical watch (quickly too):laugh: . Now a year later the “2” in “12” fell off and jammed the second hand:mad: . Then it began to fog also:frown: . Sooo… Has anyone had a Mickey watch that has lasted longer than a year?::mellow: I’d like to buy another one ($150ish) but I’m a little shell shocked:confused: . Can’t be without Mickey!:crying:


That’s awful!! We have three watches from WDW, and haven’t had the “fogging issue”, nor have any #s fallen away on the face. I would exchange it for a different model altogether. Good luck!


Sorry about your watches.

My DH has 4 very nice Mickey/Disney watches he has collected over the years and they have all worn very well. He cracked the front of one but that was his fault, he wore it almost every day and was pretty hard on it. I think he knocked it on a computer case one day (he’s an IT guy).


I have Mickey watches from when I was a kid. I do not wear them now… but wore them constantly years ago. They are still in great condition. No problems with time, fogging, etc. Maybe they made them better then.


My boys bought watches in August. The CM warned us about one particular style that they had had several returns. They picked more expensive Skagen titanium watches with mickey logos on the face (first paychecks). Us mere mortals (parents) weren’t allowed to touch them, we might mark them somehow. They wore them twice to dinner only, and treated them like fine crystal.

The DS#1 found a crack on the crystal face on the second day, exchanged it no problem. Then found what looked like a flaw in the crystal on the replacement a couple of days later.

Both boys returned them having lost faith. Very disappointing because they were beautiful watches but apparently not 1st quality. It seemed like you were paying extra for the logo but maybe getting factory seconds?? The same watch on the street seems to be ~$50 cheaper but of course doesn’t have mickey on it :sad:


I bought a Mickey watch at one of the stores on Main Street in 2001. I wear it everyday and it works fine. Only had to replace the battery once and keeps perfect time. I still :heart: it after all these years.


I bought my Mickey watch at Mousegears in 2005 and it is still working perfectly. However my DH purchased a watch the same day and we exchanged it 3 times before leaving WDW and it stopped again 2 days after returning home. It has never worked properly and his was $75 more than mine! It seems to be hit or miss. Mine cost $125.


In contrast though - my $20 Mickey Link watch works great:laugh:

There’s something wrong with the fact that I spend $20 and they will spend ~$200. I’ve gotta work that:pinch:


My husband and I have matching Mickey watches the make was Skagen we’ve had them for about 5yrs have had no problems we have each replace the batteries once. My watch I wear every day It now needs a new battery and band but I’ll be down in WDW in less then a month and I think I might just get a new one. By the way we brought ours at DTD store, don’t know if that would make a difference.


Buy his stamp, it can’t break :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: …And look at how cute he is!


ooh… I have a collection of Mickey watches!

My first was a $75, personalized from the watch shop online… the battery is dead. I need to get it replaced.

Second is a digital which also died… ($25)

Third, I got from Disneyland… it has a brown leather band and his little arms move around, pointing at the time. It’s really worn, and the case is cracked for some reason, so it fogs up when it’s really humid or if it gets wet. I couldn’t bear to part with it, though. ($35)

Third, I got from my last trip to WDW… it has a black leather band and gold Mickeys that move around as a second hand. I have noticed that, over time, the watch slows down to as much as 5 minutes behind, and I have to keep adjusting it. I’m not sure if the Mickeys are exactly in sync… ($40)

Of course, my watches do not cost nearly as much as yours. hmm… maybe you should go with a less expensive watch, and maybe it will last longer (ironic, eh?).


I bought a mickey watch once…spent $100 on it…broke and lost it two days after I came home. I just get them at Kohl’s for $30…I don’t care when they break…:laugh: of course, I haven’t been able to lose that one or break it…figures. LOLOL


I have a citizen Mickey Mouse watch . . . I :heart: love it!

This Xmas it will be a year old . . . got it on disneyshopping.com . . . I watched come down from $199 to $99 then used a 30% off coupon! I wear it EVERYDAY and so far so good (Hope I didn’t just jinx myself?) :confused:

I bought my Dad one on Main St. in '04 . . . he wanted a copy of the one he had as a kid . . . it’s the basic gold watch with the leather strap . . . he wears it everyday . . . and AGAIN, so far so good . . . fingers crossed! :happy:


Ive got a few watches Iv had from Disney over the years and theres nothing wrong with them at all, in great working order and keep the time well! The only thing I find is the straps wear alot :confused: