Mickey's Toontown Fair Closing Date!


Just saw this on FB!

Big news today that very confirms that the huge Fantasyland expansion is moving into the secondary phase. Mickey’s Toontown Fair will be closing at the end of February 11 2011 to begin the next phase of the Fantasyland expansion project.

Mickey, Minnie and the Disney Princesses will be heading to Town Square Exposition Hall for meet and greets from the Spring of 2011. Before that time they will be located in other areas around the Magic Kingdom. Tinker Bell will be meeting and greeting in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The other fairies will appear in Epcot from the Spring of 2011. The Railroad station in Toontown Fair will be closed, but the railroad will continue operation.


“And of course you will fine Boss Mouse where ever fine pilsners are sold.”


Sounds like you’re gonna be one busy guy bouncing from place to place covering all of your ‘Boss Mouse Approved’ watering holes.


Any word on the fate of Goofy’s Barnstormer?


OH NO!! just when there is a chance that we will be there!!! AGH!!! NO!!!


Guess we better get our fill of Toontown on our trip in January.


I heard it was staying, it was just going to “rethemed”


I thought that ride was worse than BTMRR, more jerky.


Really? I’ve found Barnstormer to be a pretty consistent ride in terms of g forces. Even the lift is smooth because they use multiple tires driven by motors instead of a chain lift. And remember that Big Thunder is loaded with “trick track”, those sections where first the left rail lifts then the right rail so your car is thrown side to side, and many quick bumps and drops.

Everyone has their own opinion and your feelings about Barnstormer are yours.
I’m just sorry that you recall it being a jerky ride and I am curious what made you feel that way.
My own opinion of the ride is it’s a fine junior coaster for training padawan learners who are new to the force (of coasters:tongue:). It’s just big enough to make a 5 year old feel like he’s on a big boy ride without being terrifying. Add to that the smoothness of tubular steel track as opposed to wood, like this one at Carowinds currently named Woodstock Express but formerly known as Scooby Doo’s Ghoster Coaster:


That stinks!
In retrospect, I think that they should have done more with Toontown than they did, which was little more than a large photo op/picture spot.


Barnstormer was my kids Training Wheels :happy:


hopefully when we get back there rose will be big enough for the big coasters. but poor nina won’t have a coaster to ride:( what’s an amusement park without a kiddie coaster?


Maybe “jerky” wasn’t the best word, well your statement describes me!


I’ve been thinking and I’m guessing you really didn’t like the way they put on the brakes when the train comes back into the station, the way they slam on before that final turn and probably one or two times after that.
Also, maybe the first turn and drop at the top of the lift hill.
Anyway, it is what it is.


Yeah, we figured it would be closed this year, but it wasn’t yet. I hate to see the Barnstormer be shut down for a while. It is a neat themed, fun little ride. My daughter LOVES it, but you guys are right, it is extremely twitchy and jerky. Gonna be sad to see Tune Town shut down for a while.


I really like that area of Disney, so sad to see it going.


What is the fate of Mickey’s and Minnie’s houses? That has been my kids’ biggest worry.


thanks - we definitely needed to know where to find tink in march for my baby girl


Urban renewal?


In the form of twin high rise buidings that will require a points purchase in order to visit the happy couple during your hard earned Disney vacation. Sort of like a DVC purchase without the overnight stay. :laugh: