Mickey's Toontown Fair


I was wondering if Mickey’s Toontown Fair is open the same hours as the rest of the park? At Disneyland, Toontown closes about an hour before the fireworks, and doesn’t re-open again. Does something like this happen at MK? If its evening EMH will it be open? I’m just trying to figure out if I have to cram it in early in the day, or if we can wander over a little later.


If you plan on meeting the fairies, i would reccomend being there when toontown opens at 10am and run, dont walk, to them…we only waited about 5-10 minutes but by the time we came out, the wait was posted at 60-75 min.:blink:
as for the rides & mickey & minnies houses, im not sure if they are open later, we always seemed to be finished with toontown by early afternoon…sorry!


Thanks for that tidbit. If you take the train over when MK opens, will they let you in? Is there a seperate rope drop?


Toontown Fair was open after Wishes last year, when we went. I am not sure it is open for Evening EMH.


It was closed for evening EMH when we were there in March.


Good question! The only time I’ve noticed early Toontown closures is at Disneyland also, like you mentioned. I don’t go to Toontown alot in WDW but like someone else said, the Fairies seem like they’ve created QUITE a draw! Plan on spending a good amout of time there if you plan on visiting them.


Whenever we have been at the MK Toontown always opened at 10:00.