Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - Is it worth it?


I am planning a trip to Disney this Thanksgiving after staying at the beach for 3 days we will only have 4 in Disney and wanted to know if I should purchase the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party? I called Disney and the customer service person suggested that I don’t go into the park the day of the party, because party tickets gets me into Magic Kingdom @ 4pm til 12am, so she said to save one of my hopper pass days. What is there to do during this event? What is so spectacular? and is it worth the money?


I haven’t been to MVMCP yet and plan to this December. Most rides are open the crowds are less as it’s a ticketed event so the wait for rides is much shorter to no waiting at all. There is a special parade and fireworks display.
You get to see it snow on Main street. I think it’s most definitely worth the money



Read this thread, it made me buy the tickets for November :wink:


I have heard nothing but great reviews. ITs sounds wonderful. I hope we get to go next year.


Yes yes it is worth it. Especially since you could use your park hopper ticket for another day. We have been a few times, and I can’t wait to do it again!!


We have gone the last 3 years to the party and always enjoy it. Sadly we won’t be going this year but at Halloween instead. What can be better than Christmas and Disney? (Except Halloween and Disney).
If you are at Disney for only 4 days this trip, spend the day at MK and don’t leave when the park closes at 6. I mean a 4 day is not much more than a 3 day right?


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what a question to ask! so many people have mixed thoughts about this.

my family (9 of us) age from 3 years to 40 went last year. the holiday was not going very well as the teenagers wanted to do different things to the growen ups. ( we came for 14 days from UK).

we all went to MVMCP - IT WAS ABSALUTLEY FANTASTIC!!! every single one of us enjoyed it. it wa worth every penny, cent yen or what eve.

but to get the best out of it you need to plan plan plan with almost military prosision.

everyone has there own plan and thoughts, likes and dislikes. but this is how we did it

we all took christmas hats, tinsal, dressed in red and white christmas stuff. (we saw others in different xmas stuff- bring stuff from home disney christmas hats can be nice but expensive)

we started th night on main street station to see the parade and fire works ( get there early so you get a fantastic place looking right down main street set up camcord to film fireworks take tissues for the tears of joy)

then we got photos with santa.
we moved up to the castle for the show
then more photos at toon town with mickey miney goof all in christmas outfits. do not forget your photo pass.
then another show twas the night before christmas.

then draw breath get your hot choc and take stock of your night.
the time fly’s
there is more fireworks at the end. once thats over (if the littleones are not needing there beds) stay around the park look in the shops take some photos of you in the park almost empty. it beats standing at the bus stop while you see bus after bus pass you by full.

so the answer from the UK is yes its worth it!


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just a bit more info the snow on maim street is fantastic. get photos of that.

also away from M.K acoss at MGM dont miss the lights and snow of The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. they are fantastic also. we almost did not bother with this its free, lots of disney photographers around to take photos in the snow. same as M.K take christmas stuff - hats scarfes, the photos will make great christmas cards.

all the best jim:heart:


We were in WDW for christmas 2 years ago, and went to MVMCP twice! I was the best thing ever! The christmas fireworks and the parade are unmissable! Riding the rides in the dark is so different to the daytime. Everyone at the party seems to have sack fulls of christmas spirt!

If you get the chance to go take you won’t regret it!


We are going for the first time this year and I can not wait!
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Thanks so much for the information. I was a little aprehensive after spending so much on tickets as I hadn’t had to buy tickets for 4 years (we used our old 10 day/no exp/ hopper for 2 to 3 day visits to Disney for the last 4 years) now my youngest needs tickets as he is turning 4yrs, so that’s 6 tickets (ugh), so in earnest of being frugal, I will not use a hopper day to go to MC this time. I will look up that other formum.


We took DS down for a surprise weekend trip last December and attended our first Christmas party (we’d been to the Halloween one three times). It was great! We go primarily for the parade and fireworks, but the short wait times for the rides are another big plus! We actually got to watch the parade from the train station - something we’ve never been able to do for a “regular” parade. I say it is definitely worth the money!


Im going in December and I got tickets to MCMCP and I cant wait I think its going to be a great time!


I agree with saving a park pass on the day you go to MVMCP. Otherwise, it’s like paying TWICE to go in one day and it wouldn’t be worth it. But to go and spend the night there is great fun. Everyone should try it once. The Wishes display alone is worth the price!


Yes, we are not using a park day admission for the day of the party. We planned a character breakfast at a resort, and then relax by the pool and then off to the party. A CM told me this year we could not get in until 6pm - last time we got in at 4. She said it is to help control the shift of crowds? We’ll see…


If you’re at WDW when one of the special parties is scheduled, you should go. The crowds are almost always lighter and ride waits shorter. There’s special themed entertainment. As all say, with your ticket good after 4 PM, don’t visit the Magic Kingdom before then and use that day’s pass in one of the other parks. Of course, if you have a park hopper, this is less of an issue, but still you could also consider using a water park option in the morning and taking a break in the afternoon and heading directly for the Magic Kingdom around 3:30 or so and save one day’s park admission for another day.


Every time we go to MVMCP we sleep in and stay out of the parks in the morning. We usually go to Liberty Tree Tavern that day. With the dining reservations, we are usually able to get in around 3.


I’ve been 3 or 4 times and I’m going back in December! The party is great! I love the parade and there are no crowds for your favorite rides.


My family and I went to the MVMCP last christmas and it was great. The shows, parade and free cookies and hot chocolate were wonderful. Seeing it snow on Main street was a sight to behold. We enjoyed the party so much we bought tickets for the next available night to enjoy it all over again.