Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party


I’m considering buying tickets for MVMCP for when I go in early December, but I’m curious – do they have some of the shows from the party(Celebrate the Season, Mickey’s Twas The Night Before Christmas, etc.) on other days during that time of year, or just for the party? What else is exclusive to the party?


I think the parade is only during the party as are most of the shows.

The party is pricey, but we always enjoy them. Even though they limit ticket sales, avoid Friday nights if you can as they tend to be more crowded.


In early December, you can see the parade only during the party…Later in December, after the last party, the parade is shown for all the park guests…at least that was how it was Dec. 2008 when I was there. We were able to see some of the shows, also.


The Party is a blast, you’re gonna love it!!! It is indeed pricey, but its fun. My mom and I have done it twice in the last 4 years.

I don’t know if this counts as being exclusive, but with the smaller guest count (and everyone watching the shows), lines for rides are typically SUPER short. Ma and I mostly did the shows and such our first year, but our last year we skipped one or two in lieu of short ride waits.


:heart::wub::heart::wub:love Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party .

It is right up there in my top 10 things to do.

For a first timer I would recommend the parade, Santa, and most of the shows that i understand only take place at MVMCP.

Get a good place on main st. station (in front of the railings) to watch the parade and fireworks. go see Santa, and get lots of photos with the character’s in Christmas outfits. (MVMCP PhotoPass card)

it is the best $$$$ we have spent (well almost:laugh:)


MVMCP is worth every cent (IMHO). The special shows, parade and fireworks are well worth it. They have snow (imitation) on Main St. cookie and Hot Chocolate stations through out the park. See Santa on Main St… Very small lines for major attractions.


It is a must for us. We enjoy the low crowds, and there is just something special about the atmosphere, I can’t really explain it.


We did it this past dec. also and with small 4 kids it was very hard to see and do everything…there were tons of things to do but the timing wasn’t right for us to hit alot of the things…We sat down to see the show and got really great seats, but then had to wait a whole 1.5 half for the parade and we didn’t want to loose our seats to go and do something else…
Sorry guys but I was just a tad disappointed in it, but i had to try it because its DISNEY and I loved the things we did get to do!! So it wasn’t a total waste.