Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party


I’m taking my son to Universal Studios for his 5th birthday this December for a long weekend. I have two questions, first, I have never been to Disney in the christmas season and I wanted to know if I should take one day to go to the Magic Kingdom for the Christmas Party? Second, how easy or hard is it to get from a Universal hotel to the Magic Kingdom. Will it cost a lot and will catching a taxi back at 12am be hard? I was planning on going to the Magic Kingdom on December 2 and any help would be wonderful.


Absolutely worth the trip. All of the parks and hotels are decorated. MVMCP is a bit pricey IMHO but darn if we don’t do it like every year. The limit the ticket sales and crowds vary but it won’t be too crowded. You get all of the Christmas fun without the park at capacity crowd.

Why not have Quicksilver pick you up? I’m betting its really not that much more expensive.

PS - first two weekends are the best. But it’s out secret…don’t tell ANYONE else.


Definitely worth it! It is pricey, but, if you have never done it before, I would highly recommend it. I have no idea about the cab ride, so I can’t help you there.


Thanks for the info. I def going to take him, I think he would love it. I’m going to buy the tickets soon so I don’t miss out and I’ll have to call around and find out about transportation. I want to go all out since this weekend vacation is his birthday suprise and he gets to go without his little brother who stole the thunder right out from under him for his 4th birthday party (his brother was born 2 weeks before his 4th birthday).


Getting from a2b should be easy just jump in a taxi or use quicksilver it should cost around $90 round trip if i remember right.

now mickeys very merry chritmas party is a fantastic night. I would recommend getting tickets on line asap to be sure it is not sold out.

enjoy your time:heart:


MVMCP is awesome. Decorations are amazing. I’d highly recommend the Studios as well for the Spectacle of Lights.


definitely take him to Hollywood studio for the Osborne lights they are amazing: … mickey Christmas is fun pricy but worth it


While you should not take any time away from enjoying “Grinchmas” at Islands of Adventure, if you do find that you have some free time, then you should definitely make the trip over to the MK for MVMCP. You and your son will love it.

Now depending on the Hotel you’re staying at, they may offer a shuttle back and forth to Disney as well. Make sure to check. Also, you may want to consider renting a car for the day. If you are only putting a few miles on the car, then it may only run you less than $50. Check to see if there is a rental outlet close to the hotel. Otherwise, there are other shuttle companies that you could go with I’m sure…