Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party


This will be my first year to go to the World in November–we always go in December for Christmas. I can buy tickets for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party for November 22nd (Friday) or December 1st (Sunday). Which day do you think will be less crowded. I know that Sunday’s are generally less crowded, but my only fear is that December 1st is close to Thanksgiving. Any advice on which day I should buy our tickets for??


We were there on a Sunday 2 years ago in early middle november and it was crowded. But I think a Friday might be worse. Not that I am a expert or anything I would choose Sunday if they were my only choices.


I’m thinking Sunday might be worse because of the locals being there. We’ve always gone during the middle of the week so can’t say for sure.


If you have only those 2 days to pick from, I would go with the 22nd. It picks up quite a bit from the day before Thanksgiving.


11/22 will be less crowded