Mickey's very merry xmas


We’re going to be in WDW this Dec. (hopefully) and I’m thinking we’ll do the mickey xmas night at MK. I know you need to get tickets so I’m assuming there is only a limited amount of people let in. So is the park open as usual ,such as all the rides, or is this a mainstreet parade and fireworks show only? And is this after park hours? Starting at 9pm after the regular wishes nightly fireworks? Thanks for any info.:mickey:

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If your talking about the MVMCP then the park is open durning the day as usual and at around 7PM I think they usher out the guests without the special tickets. The rides are still open and the lines become very short. It is something you will love as we did and it’s so much fun to see it snow on Main Street


its still open during the day most people plan dinner before the park closes ( I usually plan for dinner at 5 pm at one of them MK restaurants . ) Your allowed in with the MVMCP ticket at 4 pm … and you have to have a wristband on to ride the rides and stay in the park … They have a special fireworks and parade at different times … Plus you can get cookies and Hot cocoa around the park …


You’ll :heart: this it is so much fun!

Great parades, shows, fireworks, character meet and greets AND it snows on MAIN STREET!!! :happy:


Its definitely worth doing. Special parade, shows, and much less crowded.


We love this party!!! We went this past December and had a great time. My kiddos got to ride the Goofy’s rollercoaster 3 times in a row without getting off. Very few lines for the rides. DO IT DO IT!!!


MVMCP is a lot of fun. The park is open during the day as normal, but it closes to the public early (7 pm). You can enter the park after 4 pm for the event. It is limited number of tickets for each night (I believe it is around 30,000). All of the major rides and attractions are open for the event. Lines are very short (if at all). The parade and the fireworks (Holiday Wishes) are just the best. A suggestion though, once you tickets early. This past year, many of the nights were sold out.


My parents-in-law did this party and had the most wonderful time- so if you have the chance then do it.


Like everyone else has posted, it’s a must not miss event if you get the chance. It’s so festive and the decorations are done up very well. We loved having the option of seeing the early parade and fireworks or the later versions before the party ended.

We usually do another park during the day and go back to the resort to rest before heading to MK for the party.


your love it we were there this year, and the party was sold out still the lines we not that bad especially later in the evening.


The great thing about Christmas parties and winter dates for the Pirate and Princess Parties is that it gets dark early enough that they have the Wishes fireworks show between 6 PM and park closing at 7PM and then the special event fireworks show at 9:30 so you get two different fireworks shows. They indeed cut off ticket sales at 30,000. Full capacity for the MK is something like 70,000. All the major rides and most minor rides are open for you, if you have the proper wrist band. There are lots of special meet and greets around the park and the parade and castle show is specific to the Christmas party.
The only downer is the hot water based hot chocolate that you will scald your tongue if you don’t wait for a half hour for the nuclear heat to reach half life.:eek:

We pretty much do other parks during the day and take a break at the hotel before we head over for the party.